March 26, 2015

The Best Ideas for Easter


Easter is just around the corner – which means Spring is here! Here are some of the best ideas for Easter this year.

bakethis Raspberry-Lemon Ginger Snap Meringues //

Raspberry Lemon Ginger Snap Meringues via Butterlust

makethis Floral Wreath Crowned Easter Eggs

Floral Crowned Eggs via Flax and Twine


Denim Skirt Trend

Loving this neutral look Via Gal Meets Glam


Head image Via

March 25, 2015

March Book Club

Books LG Post

Here are our favorites for the month of March!

1. The Girl on the Train. Yes, it’s the book everyone is talking about, and with good reason. Mysterious, thrilling and fast-paced, you won’t be able to put it down. Trust us. The story is told from three perspectives, Rachel, Megan and Anna, but things are not all as they seem. If you pick it up, don’t plan on getting anything else done over the next few days. But we promise, it’s worth it.

2. Americanah. Ifemelu is a Nigerian immigrant working in the U.S. Her ex-boyfriend is living in London and both are navigating social problems as immigrants to America and the U.K. Beautiful, authentic characters, witty humor and elegant prose make this book an exploration into the complexities of immigration and race.

3. Big Little Lies. We’re big fans of Liane Moriarty. Her books are just addicting (What Alice Forgot and The Husband’s Secret). This one also does not disappoint, following the secretive, intertwined lives of several suburban families. The question is: Who is lying? Or is everyone lying? And who is going to wind up dead?

4. Station 11. What will happen when the world ends? This apocalyptic novel is unlike any others in the same category. A small theatrical troupe travels between the settlements of the last living humans on Earth, performing shows and re-imagining art and culture in a world torn apart by a terrible pandemic. Surprisingly elegant, we were instantly hooked on discovering the beauty of humanity, even at the end of all things.

5. The Signature of All Things. Eat, Pray, Love was a wildly successful novel for Elizabeth Gilbert, but we may like this one even more. The Signature of All Things takes place over much of the 18th and 19th centuries and it takes you on a magical and mysterious ride around the globe. It’s an enlightening adventure, as the characters bear witness to new and exciting ideas and discoveries that completely alter the way they think about and perceive the world.

*Book list compiled while we were daydreaming about reading on a beach in Saint Lucia.

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March 24, 2015

Think Spring

What’s the weather like where YOU live?! We’re spoiled, because it’s basically the same weather every day of the year here in Los Angeles. BUT, for most of the country, you’re just now getting peeks of Spring. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite new products to welcome in the new season. Take a look!

think spring_lulu and georgia

Alegria Pillow / Rue Pillow / Misty Pillow  / Gray Skies Print / Sonoma Side Chair / Nerissa Picture Frame /

What’s your favorite way to spruce up for Spring?

March 18, 2015

New to the Shop: Color + Design For Your Walls

Wallpaper Blog LG 1

Treat your walls to a whole new look with one of our new removable wallpapers. We love the look of one accented wall, especially in a bedroom or office. Wallpaper adds chic, creative panache to a space, without making it seem overwhelming. Gone are the days when we all let out a collective groan every time we laid eyes upon our grandmother’s ancient, peeling floral pattern of pinks and purples that seemed jumbled and chaotic. Our new wallpaper is a cinch to put on and just as easy to take off. That way if you feel like you need a new pattern after a year, you can easily change it out. Your walls will stand proud.

Wallpaper Blog 2


Nacisse Removable Wallpaper / Toreek Coffee Table / Jonathan Adler Nixon Coasters / Yahya Vase / Sheaffer Lounge Chair / Alawai Pillow / Hanya Pillow

Shop all of our wallpaper right here.

March 17, 2015

Day to Night Hair Tutorials

Today we’re showing you two hairstyles to try. From day to night, these are easy and quick styles anyone can master! Here we go…


You’ll need: Redken Push Powder (the stuff that gives your hair volume!), curling iron, hairspray, bobby pins, comb, rubber band.

sock bun hair tutorial 11

Step 1: Begin with loose curls for texture. Lift roots and pour a little bit of the push powder on the scalp. Rub it around with your fingertips. You will literally feel the volume, because your hair will start feeling thick and almost as if you’ve backcombed or “teased” it.

  sock bun hair tutorial collage 2

Step 2: Start combing the top part of your hair straight back, with no part. Then take the side sections back. Give it a little volume by rubbing the Push Powder around to tease it more. You want to grab hair from just above the ears and pull that whole section back.

sock bun hair tutorial 7

Step 3: Twist the hair together and push up a bit to give it volume. Pin the bobby pins in a criss-cross form so they stay in place.

sock bun hair tutorial 8

sock bun hair tutorial 9

sock bun hair tutorial 10

Now for the “Night” look: 

sock bun hair tutorial 22

Step 1: Leave your twisted half updo in place. This is the base of your sock bun!
Step 2: Cut the end (toe) of a sock off. We used a longer sock and it seemed to be perfect. Then roll the sock inside itself to create a donut shaped circle with the sock.
Step 3: Tie your hair in a high ponytail.

sock bun hair tutorial collage 3

Step 4: Put the donut sock around the end of your ponytail. Begin to roll the sock down the ponytail, and while you do this, continue twisting the ponytail hair around the sock to ensure it’s covered. Once you reach your head and there’s nowhere left to roll, stop! Pin some loose hairs into place to help secure everything.

sock bun hair tutorial collage 4 sock bun hair tutorial collage 6

Step 5: Lastly, just pull some pieces down by your ears to give it the casual look. Hairspray and you’re done!

sock bun hair tutorial 23

Photography: Katie Grace Photography / Hair: Hailey Hollstein of Genesis Salon / Post by Michaela Warner 

Let us know if you try it!

March 13, 2015

Your Weekend Playlist

It’s getting warmer and we are ecstatic! Granted, it’s Los Angeles and we are “weather spoiled” here, but all over the country snow is melting and people are starting to get excited about a new season. Dare we say that a few of you are warily eyeing your stash of shorts? It’s ok… we won’t tell. But one of the unfavorable things that accompany spring (other than pasty legs from five months of wearing pants) is spring cleaning. That’s why we made an upbeat playlist to lessen the blow of a Saturday spent cleaning out drawers and scrubbing dusty baseboards. ENJOY!



March 10, 2015

At Home: Bright & Colorful Home Tour

Bright, colorful and fun home tours are one of our favorite things. This past week, we found a home tour that was all three of those adjectives and we couldn’t help but share with you. One of our own Lulu & Georgia team members is also an interior designer at Michaela Noelle Designs, and she just revealed one her latest client spaces on The Glitter Guide last week. Take a peek at some of the L&G items that made their way into the space!

home suite home living room 2 home suite home living room 4 home suite home living room 7

Photos: Andrea Pesce Photography | Home of Lauren Hooker of Elle & Company 

SHOP: Lydia Lamp / Leli Shag Rug / Kenza Pouf

See more of the home tour on Glitter Guide!


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