Behind the Scenes

August Moodboard


In our Moodboard Series, I'm sharing the things that are currently inspiring me. This month, I’m relishing the art of slowing down. Slow living is purposeful and fulfilling; nourishing by savoring the minutes instead of counting them. To be conscious of our surroundings, of our presence and our everyday rituals. Slow living is a  leisurely cup of coffee, noticing how the breeze softly tousles the leaves on a tree, and savoring cutting into summer’s juicy, ripe fruit. It’s sinking into freshly washed sheets, noticing your breath and admiring the curve of your partner’s cheek. We’ve all had to slow down this year in one form or another, but the choice to revel in it is ours. xx, Kelley Mason, Manager of Creative + Content


Hannah Platform Bed, Natural

$1,199 - $1,749

Farrow Bowl


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