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There is, and always should be, enjoyment to be found in the everyday essentials we use in our home. Known for their thoughtfully-designed, carefully-sourced, and high-quality textiles, CULTIVER shares that vision of luxe pieces to live at home with. We're excited then to present the newest additions to our bestselling CULTIVER line. From pastel-hued bedsheets to warmly-colored duvets, there are a few new pieces to layer into your bedroom and dining spaces. We spoke with CULTIVER founder and CEO, Nicolle Sullivan, some time ago to discuss the brand's ethos, the design process from fiber to finished product, and the daily benefits of premium linen bedding. Read on and shop our newest colors and styles.



We’d love to know the story behind CULTIVER and how it was started.

I started CULTIVER because I believe that living with beauty enhances our everyday lifestyle, particularly when it comes to the things we use most frequently. This philosophy not only guides the products we create and the materials we use but our entire service at CULTIVER; it's about an experience that is effortless, bespoke and memorable.

What are three aspects that give CULTIVER linens their signature look?

Quality - The best linen flax is sourced from Europe (Belgium & France) - due to the gentle climate, and this is where CULTIVER flax originates.

Design - Each colour, style and pattern is carefully selected with longevity in mind. The timeless style of all our items give an Australian ease, and effortless look, to our favourite spaces.

Incredibly soft - Carefully woven and stonewashed for softness, CULTIVER linen has been designed to showcase the best of what this textile has to offer. The way we produce linen today incorporates an enzyme wash to accelerate the softening process that naturally comes with every wash as linen ages - so that it has a vintage feel from the first time you use it.

Styling linens can be tricky. What are some of your best tips for styling linens to achieve an effortless look?

Keep it simple and match tonal colours. By that I mean layering different shades to add depth and interest without harsh contrasts. So, for example in our range I love Nude, Blush and Dusk (shades across the pink spectrum) together. The ‘linen look’ is not a perfectly made bed, so embrace the relaxed, laid-back style and have fun with it.

There is oftentimes confusion and intimidation around caring for linen. What is the best way to care for linens to ensure longevity?

Linen is not particularly hard to care for or launder, however we advise staying away from harsh chemicals (such as bleach) and high temperatures when laundering as they can compromise the integrity of the natural fibres. The best way to care for your CULTIVER linen is to wash it on a warm, gentle cycle with a natural detergent. Tumble drying is fine as long as it’s not on the hottest setting and avoid prolonged sun exposure if line drying. The beauty of linen is that it does not require ironing - so there is already one less step in the routine!

The ‘linen look’ is not a perfectly made bed, so embrace the relaxed, laid-back style and have fun with it.

CULTIVER products have an organic, romantic feel to them. What is the design process from start to finish?

Our products are designed to give comfort and enjoyment, so when creating new products, we think about quality, sustainability and of course the details of the design. Whether it’s a button closure on a duvet cover, fringe on a throw or pattern on a silk velvet cushion all details are carefully considered.

The first step is the production of our linen, which in itself is quite a long and careful process, which certainly adds a romantic feel. Linen fabric is woven from the fibres of the flax plant, a highly sustainable crop. The flax is then dyed and woven into fabric meterage for making our products. The final step of the process is a stonewash with natural enzymes to accelerate the softening process.

Once the products are designed and created, they go through multiple rounds of testing and quality control and when finalised, they are then packaged in sustainable, plastic-free packaging and delivered to your doorstep. 

From the moment a customer picks up a CULTIVER linen, what do you hope their impression is?

I hope people fall in love with the luxurious feel of the linen and will look forward to celebrating their own daily rituals with pieces that are honestly-crafted and lovingly distributed.

What’s next for CULTIVER?

We’re currently working on some exciting projects to bring new colours and products to the range, so stay tuned for updates on our next launch.


Thanks, Nicole!

Favorite place you have traveled to? Tuscany

Dark and moody or natural and bright linens? Dark and moody in winter and natural and light in summer.  

Biggest design inspiration? Traveling

Favorite account to follow on Instagram? @everynightoftheweek

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