Brigette Romanek’s Fresh, Vibrant Aesthetic


Give Brigette Romanek her flowers. The Los Angeles-based interior designer identifies greenery and the warm California sun as fundamental to her work, simultaneously energizing and providing a sense of calm to a space. Named to the AD100 list just months after founding her Romanek Design Studio, she isn’t one to rest on her laurels and dives into every project with the same passion, joy, and impeccable eye for innovation. We’re ecstatic to have sat down and chatted with Romanek about her journey, how she has brought luxe and intimacy into her own stunning home, and how her favorite project is the next to come. 

You are an interior designer and own Romanek Design Studio based out of LA. What did the road to your current career look like?

The road looked like hard work, with a lot of love, passion, determination, and pretty things.

When designing a space for a client, where do you start?

It depends on the job. They’re all very individual. Usually, it’s by getting a design brief from my client, taking all the information in, and starting to create.

How do you see the design industry changing in the years to come? 

It’s quite extraordinary because there are new craftspeople all the time making new, interesting, beautiful things; people who know how to make new things in unique ways. It’s always changing! There’s no surface that hasn’t been looked at in a new way, from the front door to the back door. It’s really fun to keep discovering beautiful new works across the globe.

Brigette's Picks


Senna Rug

$198 - $3,598

Your home is stunning with a traditional yet modern feel. What inspired you when designing your home?

“Liveable Luxe” is my motto. That’s what I wanted to create. The living room is such a grand room, so it was about creating intimate spaces where you could have great conversation, but still feel cozy, even in such a big room. It was about breaking it up, bringing in greenery, and leaving out curtains in order to allow the light to come through. 

What is a must to you when styling a room?

Flowers. Always. Plants and flowers.

Do you have a dream project or client you would love to work on or with?

I would say Virgil Abloh, CEO of Off-White and artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection.


What is one of the biggest challenges of owning your own business?

That everything good or challenging is your responsibility. That’s the most daunting thing. There’s no one else to look to. It’s really up to you!

What’s next for you and Romanek Design Studio?

I want to continue to work on projects that make me grow and make my team push harder. The type of projects that, big or small, allow us to do our best work. Every project that comes in is a chance to do something new and great. 





Photography by Nicki Sebstian, Provided by Brigette Romanek

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