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6 Trendsetters' Spring Favorites


We find ourselves in a bright mood, with spring right around the corner and the launch of our newest collection. That is why we are excited about the start of our Annual Friends + Family Sale, for you to find your favorite bestsellers and our latest standouts. For some extra inspiration and styling tips, we connected with a few friends—fashion designer Jenni Kayne, fashion influencer and blogger Aimee Song, Madewell's Head of Design Joyce Lee, designer Candice Luter, interiors and furniture design duo Austin and Alex from Hommeboys, and Estelle Colored Glass founder Stephanie Hall

Their selected styles range, covering every space in a home. Jenni embraces streamlined frames and light-colored fabrics and wood finishes to complement her new Sierra Rug. Also, Aimee highlights the tactile impact and inviting hue of a rug, Joyce chooses accents to elevate your outdoor space, Candice celebrates the accessible design of curved forms, Austin and Alex cannot get enough of our latest collection, and Stephanie loves to layer in pops of soft blue color. See all of their picks, including some new pieces they are eyeing, and get inspired to curate your own home.

Aimee Song  

Fashion influencer, blogger, Song of Style founder

"I really enjoy the look of this rug because it has a great textured feel while still maintaining a sense of calmness in a warm white shade. The size is extra-large, which is perfect for my space." - Aimee Song 


Dune Rug by Jenni Kayne

$1,395 - $3,198

Lauda Bowl, Natural

$379 - $599

Candice Luter  

Designer and Candice Luter Art & Interiors founder

"I love unexpected details when searching for home accents. That little element of surprise, like the detailing on rugs and cabinets, always gets me every time! You also can't go wrong with curved lines for seating, lighting, and vases—it simply makes a space feel so much more approachable. And when in doubt, I always add a good solid neutral with texture to bring it all together!" - Candice Luter


Islay Sideboard


Austin and Alex, Hommeboys  

Interiors and furniture designers and architects 

"I don't know how this trend started, but Lulu and Georgia are well ahead of it, and we are absolutely loving it! The simple geometric shapes in both natural materials and organic textures highlight our picks, and you’ll be seeing it in our projects because it's what we all need in 2021. It's like 80’s pop married the minimalism of the 50s and 60s and it had this chic baby and we are living for it! " - Austin and Alex, Hommeboys 


Vedima Bookcase


Joyce Lee  

Madewell's Head of Design and Quiltey™ founder

"These days I’ve been really craving vacation vibes—through all the time we are spending at home, I love creating the feeling though atmosphere, space, and day-to-day life. These pieces evoke a sense of lightness and calm, though a neutral color palette, comforting textures, and clean lines." - Joyce Lee

Stephanie Hall  

Estelle Colored Glassware founder

"What excites me most about spring is putting our outdoor dining area to good use. At the end of a long day, my family loves to sit outside and enjoy a meal together. This spring I'm really into soft blues which are so classic and calming. I always love to add in pops of color to brighten an atmosphere—my go-to's are glassware, flowers, and accent pieces." - Stephanie Hall 


Edyn Wallpaper


Jenni Kayne  

Fashion designer, tastemaker, Jenni Kayne founder

"I always opt for timeless pieces that will work for years to come—the Sierra Rug is no exception. From foundational furniture to impactful accents, these pared-back pieces work in sync with the Sierra Rug to make any space feel like home." - Jenni Kayne 


Hannah Platform Bed, Natural

$1,149 - $1,749

Photography provided by Aimee Song, Candice Luter, Dan Rolling, Austin and Alex, Joyce Lee, James Ryang, Stephanie Hall, Jenni Kayne

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