Behind the Scenes

French Art Deco: Editor’s Note


When we were planning our Summer 2020 collection last year, we decided to look to a prior decade for inspiration. The Art Deco boom of the 1920s called to us, and we loved the poetic twang of bookending the century with an homage to the period. We knew we wanted to focus on the bold contrast of color, geometric details, and exotic materials of the age, but felt we could bring it into the 21st century with a gentle update-enter the timeless romance of Parisian influence. Leaving behind dated sunburst motifs and too-luxe mirrored details, we brought in sumptuous curves, sculptural elements, and textural accents. We found a space to shoot that was awash with classic architecture and character-reminiscent of a little pied-à-terre along the Seine. Our team traveled to San Francisco to produce the shoot, and everything was...normal.

Now, we take customer phone calls from our homes. We tell each other what we’re proudest of each week on our all-hands Zoom call. Graphics are designed, new products are uploaded, and life goes on, all from the safety of our sofas.  If we’ve learned anything from this novel time in history, it’s that the home is more important than ever. It’s a school, it’s an office, a gym, a theater, a refuge. Through this and all of our collections, we hope to provide a bit of an escape and inspiration in the everyday. We’re still here; creating, writing, and designing, albeit a little differently these days. French Art Deco is meant to instill a bit of nostalgia for the past as well as a look toward the future. We created this collection for you, and it is our hope that it’s equal part escape and inspiration; because we can all use a little more of that in our lives right now. 

xx, Lulu and Georgia



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