Erin Fetherston's Kid-Friendly Makeover


You've probably seen Erin Fetherston's all-white, serene home. It's bound to be on your Pinterest boards or archived in your saved photos on Instagram - the Internet loves it (and so do we.) As someone who loves to entertain and has a little one running around, it turns out the airy white color scheme proved to be not so forgiving. Craving more color, Erin designed her space around our moss green velvet sectional. The result is a moody, glam space that still feels true to Erin's signature style. 

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You moved from New York to Los Angeles, what were some stylistic choices that you wanted to make in your new home?

Well, to begin with, our house here is very different from our place in New York. This is a 1920s Tudor-style house, with many different rooms, beautiful archways and old, architectural details. I felt that I really needed to start from scratch to pay homage to the era. I initially had a lot of white linen textiles and mud cloth pillows, which felt very California casual, but I think the house lends itself to richer textures and colors.

You joked that people told you an all-white space wouldn’t work when you had kids and you pushed back on that initially, what has changed your mind??

Yes, I did! The room became a sort of museum, that’s what my husband called it, because no one was ever allowed in there. It was a shame because it’s a beautiful space. I knew it was time to rethink the style and layout when I was at a friend’s house and she had these gorgeous, big sectional pieces and we all were socializing and hanging out, while the kids played and flopped around on the ottomans. It felt very welcoming and conversational.

Tell us about the color palette that you chose

Oh, I just was completely drawn to that rich forest green sectional, I think it’s stunning. It also is a reflection of indoor/outdoor living. I didn’t have any green in the house, and yet it’s surrounded by all of these big trees and lush plants, it was nice to draw in some color. Then I just wanted to complement it with soft earthy colors and varying textures.


You also redesigned your dining area, what was your inspiration for that space?

Ever since we moved in, this room has served as an office for my husband, so it’s nice to finally have a formal dining room. I wanted this space to be stylistically balanced, not overly feminine or masculine. The striped, monochrome rug and brown velvet chairs are darker influences, while the globe pendant gives a lighter, ethereal vibe.

Do you still feel that your home represents your personal style, now that you’ve made stylistic changes?

I still love the idea of an open, airy look for a space, but I think we achieved that by balancing the rich, sophisticated colors of velvet greens and browns with light, globe pendants and minimalist decor.


Describe your style in 3 words.

Light, airy, and romantic

Linen or velvet?

That’s a tie...depends on the season.

Favorite account to follow on Instagram?


Gallery Wall or Oversized Statement Art?

Statement art

Where are you dying to travel to?


Photos by Marisa Vitale

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