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February Moodboard


In our Moodboard Series, I'm sharing what is currently inspiring me. This month, I’m all about the new monochrome-soft colors in a singular palette, with layers and layers of texture and tactility. Rattan, velvet, wood, silk, and even linework and shadows create visual interest all contained under the umbrella of creamy mushroom and caramel tones. There is a hint of the organic, of imperfectness in a neutral color palette that brings a feeling of authenticity and natural beauty. I’m especially inspired by images that feel raw, yet simple and subtly refined.

-Kelley Mason, Stylist

(From left to right ) Designed by Beige, Alison Brooks Architects | Photography by Hans-Jürgen Sommerfeld, Caleb Shane, Jenny Hopple, José Hevia

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Enna Sofa

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Doreen Round Mirror, Brass

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Sawni Accent Chair



(From left to right ) Designed by MINNI INNO, Rex Ceramiche, Olivia Bossy, Jake Arnold, Christy Manguerra | Photography by Stanley Young, Anna Khovan, Tom Ross, Hotel Mar Adentro / Viceroy Los Cabos

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Ria Stool


Brenda Bookcase

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Cherry Side Table



(From left to right ) Designed by Fine Life Co., Kate Zimmerman Turpin, Ellsworth Kelly, MINNO INNO, Jake Arnold | Photography by Stanely Young

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Shauna Wall Art

$582 - $777
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Shaka Accent Chair


(From left to right ) Designed by Studio Brent Lee, Kristen Giorgi, Flaviker, Vineet Kaur | Photography by Chris Spangler, Klaudia Adamiak

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Taysa Round Coffee Table



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