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Actress Floriana Lima's home gets a jewel toned update


It's no secret that we're big fans of Interior Designer, Ginny Macdonald. We've worked with her several times and we keep coming back for more. In her most recent project with Actress, Floriana Lima, Ginny strays from her signaure blue-hued color palette in favor of a jewel toned look. The result is a cozy space that feels true to the style of the 1920s craftsman home. 




'Figure of Ebba' Wall Art

$359 - $1,197


What was your personal goal or directive for the space?

It's a craftsman house so we wanted it to feel cosy, charming and eclectic. Floriana was really open to adding colour so I departed from my usual blue tones and opted for earthy greens and warm reds.

Did you make any renovations?

The recessed nook was the perfect spot for a built-in so we added a bookcase with seeded glass door fronts. We wanted it to feel like it was original to the house but had a modern twist to it. We used Farrow & Ball's Joa's White which is a red based neutral taupe colour.

Did you have any existing pieces you worked with?

Floriana recently moved into the house so it was a complete fresh start. If anything the off-white wall colour was the only thing there before which was part of the real estate staging. We both loved that is wasn't the stark white you see everywhere and it made the space feel warm and cosy.

What was the biggest challenge of this project?

The biggest challenge was getting the right rug because the room is a slightly awkward size. The front door is directly opposite the sofa so we couldn't really do a larger rug because the door would open up onto it and get caught.

What were your greatest finds?

The sofa is a great piece for in here. I wanted something that felt elegant and classic but also allowed for Floriana to throw off her shoes, relax and be comfy. I also love the teardrop sconces over the bookcase. The size and scale are perfect and have a good balance of quaint old world meets modern day.

What’s your favorite thing about the space?

I personally love the colour scheme. I'm known for my fresh blue tones but this was a fun challenge to break the mould yet doesn't feel off brand for me. Despite it being an American Craftsman house, it has a quaint English cottage vibe about it, which I obviously love being from the UK.



Describe your style in 3 words.

Layered, refined, English

Favorite account to follow on instagram?

@jhinteriordesign Jessica Helgerson they just know how to create timeless beautiful spaces with sensitivity to the existing architecture 

Where are you dying to travel to next?

England! I’ve not been home in over a year so that’ll be my first stop. Dream trip though... Japan. I’d love to immerse myself in the design culture over there. And also bring back a shed load of pottery! 

Velvet or Linen?

Linen for me. It’s classic and sophisticated but also super casual and cosy. 

Gallery Wall or Oversized Statement Art?

Gallery wall. I’m too much of a collector of things aka hoarder :)

Photos by Lauren Presley Photography

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