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Our founder's charming nursery


Our founder and CEO Sara Sugarman Brenner wanted her baby’s nursery to emphasize new traditional design, a style that she felt would complement the Spanish  home she and her husband own in Los Angeles. “I really wanted a blend of old-world charm combined with California modern.” We teamed up with interior designer, Ginny Macdonald to bring the space to life. 

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Bethany Dresser



The soft blue color scheme is reflective of how open and light the space feels, and it was the wallpaper that gave her a vision to build around. “I absolutely love this wallpaper. It gives a soft and airy vibe, while still emphasizing classic vintage designs.”


With elegant wood pieces, traditional artwork and neutral hues, the nursery feels timeless and worldly. “I think the key when envisioning a nursery or child’s room is finding just the right balance of whimsical and sophisticated. The neutral color palette and woven elements of the space make it feel cozy and inviting, while little touches like the mobile and the sheep give a childlike dreamy vibe” says Ginny.

Kids rooms don’t always have to be filled with bold, bright colors and dotted wallpaper. They can be more traditional, with elements of vintage style, a room that your child can grow with.” - Ginny Macdonald
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