Behind the Scenes

Ginny Macdonald Furniture Collection


We've been working with interior designer Ginny Macdonald since the beginning. It's no secret that she is one of our all-time favorites. While she was designing our founder Sara Sugarman Brenner’s home, we quickly realized that the custom furniture pieces she was designing for Sara (plus a couple additions) needed to be available to everyone, pronto.   

Ginny drew each piece in the collection by hand and selected the highest quality materials. Featuring oak wood, luxury fabrics, and high quality construction, these pieces are designed to stand the test of time. Shop the entire collection here. Inspired by Ginny's English heritage and handmade in Los Angeles, each piece in the collection fuses her British roots with her California lifestyle. From the original sketches by Ginny’s hand, to the artisans crafting these pieces, the quality of these pieces are like no other. Each of the pieces are named for lakes in the UK with significance to Ginny’s upbringing. Classic, yet Fresh.

"I'm so excited to share Ginny's furniture line! Ginny has worked with me on designing my home and there were a few custom pieces she created for the space. After the pieces were made, we knew we had to put them on Lulu and Georgia. Ginny added more frames and chose such a beautiful color palette. The pieces are so gorgeous in person, I'm looking forward to see them in our customers' homes!"

- Lulu and Georgia Founder, Sara Sugarman Brenner

Questions with the Designer

What was your inspiration for the collection? 

I started making custom pieces for clients but I’ve always wanted to partner with someone to produce a collection. I wanted the collection to feel like something you’d see in a drawing room or library of a Victorian house in London. I also wanted to fuse that with the California style which is fresh and earthy. What I think is most special about the collection is the colours and fabrics and how they can be mixed with each other, almost like a capsule collection. They’re all handmade in LA so I was able to have a personal hand in the process and make sure that every piece is comfortable.

Who did you have in mind when designing this collection?

Everyone. I kept the collection simple so that the pieces could fit into any style of house yet still have a timeless look.  They’re simple pieces so that the color and fabrics could shine without feeling too ornate or sway into one particular style. As there’s a variety of sizes I can see these being incorporated into a loft in NYC or beach house in California.

How would you describe the color palette of the collection?

As a designer I don’t like to shy away from colour so for this collection I wanted to make sure that was reflected. Layering is a key part of my designs and I wanted to include some bold colours like mustard and cognac but also some complimentary neutrals.  I like the idea that colours and pieces can be combined with each other but still have an eclectic look. In addition to the colour palette I really wanted to focus on how those colours could be brought to life through the fabrics. It was important to me to use natural materials like linen, cotton velvet and wood. 

How would you define your style? 

My style tends to err on the side of traditional english as I grew up in the north of england. After moving to the US my designs have now been inspired with the classic California look. 

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