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Get Guest Ready with Jean Stoffer


Our creative team recently journeyed to the Midwest and no trip to Michigan would be complete without stopping in to see one of our all time favorite designers, Jean Stoffer. We arrived to Jean's beautiful Grand Rapids home on a sunny fall day. Every detail was as perfect as we'd imagined. There were freshly picked apples set out on the counter, fresh lattes being made on demand, and the most adorable pup, Bonnie, basking in a warm streak of sun. What makes Jean's home and the homes that she designs so special, is the thought and heart behind them. Every space feels like life happens there, nothing is too precious and every design decision is made with living in mind. As guests, we immediately felt right at home. So we thought it wise to ask Jean what her top tips for getting guest-ready are. Read on for more. 


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Freshen up the Guest Room. Fresh linens, a few fun pillows, and fresh florals or a candle go a long way.

Light a candle. A simple touch that makes the house smell great. Extra credit: bake some cookies.

Consider the little ones. For the littler guests, have some toys and books on hand to keep them entertained.

Add a personal touch. For Jean, it's her delicious homemade lattes. Make it your own! 




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