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Skip the flea, we've done the work for you. Our new capsule collection with Heja Home features authentic Moroccan rugs carefully selected for their exceptional patterns and designs. Made entirely by hand, each vintage rug is full of rich character and history, with a unique story to tell.

We chatted with the founders of Heja Home, a vintage rug shop to talk all about our most recent collaboration and what makes vintage rugs so special.

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Tell us about Heja Home and how you got started. Where does the name come from? 

From the start, we’ve always tried to avoid having “normal” 9 to 5 jobs. We both come from art backgrounds and found out early on that we work really well together. Jason is high energy and super creative. I’m really into design, but can also ground us in the administrative side of things. We balance each other out really well. When we first started out, we were primarily dealing in vintage furniture- always on the hunt for that Eames lounge chair or Knoll table. 

Over time our style has changed and evolved. It wasn’t long before we started selling vintage rugs and everything kind of took off from there. Fast forward to 2020, and we’re now curating large collections of rugs while focusing on our own designs. They say, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” We have been fortunate to have stumbled upon a perfect mix of our love for travel and art.   

Our name Heja Home pronounced [hey - ya] in Swedish. It loosely translates to a cheerful home. It also ironically happens to be a combo of our names, Heather and Jason.

Why do you think vintage rugs are so special?

Vintage rugs are essentially artwork for your floors. Sometimes we like to think of ourselves as art dealers. Every rug we buy is completely different, from the small details in the pattern to how the dye has faded out with time. It’s these handmade qualities that you really just can’t get in a brand new rug. 

Vintage rugs are an easy way to bring artwork into your home.

Tell us about how your rugs are sourced and your criteria when selecting a vintage rug?

Some rugs have that spark to them that just gets you excited. We have gotten more and more selective over the years, and essentially don’t buy anything that we wouldn’t put in our own home. We’re always searching for that one piece that really stands out. Right now, we’re really into soft desert tones and neutrals that have that modern Mediterranean feel.

How do you like to style your rugs?

It doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have a great rug, you have a great room. 

We love the contrast of layering our wool rugs over a natural jute or sisal in a space. This can work really well for smaller rugs that you want to use in larger spaces. 

Heja Home is all about the modern Mediterranean, desert vibe, and we always have this in mind when we’re putting a collection together. We styled our latest collection in a modern villa designed by a French architect outside of Marrakech. 

What advice would you give someone who would love to purchase their first vintage rug but doesn’t know where to start?

We always suggest starting with the color palette that you’re drawn to the most. Are you into light-colored neutrals or bolder traditional patterns? Think about how you want the space to feel and go from there. Don’t be afraid to get creative with and think outside the box. A vintage rug has the ability to bring life to an otherwise boring space. 

What’s next for Heja Home? 

That’s a really good question. We have a ton of ideas for Heja Home. I think you can expect to see some more of our own unique designs in the future, even beyond the realm of rugs. This year we launched our natural leather pillows that we designed with a local artist as part of our Heja Home Signature line.

We’ll be rolling out our Spring collection soon with an assortment of pillows, baskets, lighting and of course, vintage Moroccan rugs that includes some real showstoppers.   

The world’s a big place and we’re excited to keep exploring and creating as we go!

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Photography provided by Heja Home

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