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Holiday Checklist: Keep it Cozy


Create a bedroom with plenty of textural layers and soft linens. We love to combine different textures and neutral shades for a space that feels like a 5-star hotel. Read on for more of our guest room tips. 

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Maddie Bed, Black

$749 - $1,149

Layer up. Pile on the texture with a variety of different bed linens for a layered, inviting bed. 

Add some life. Fresh greenery, even a branch cut from outside, makes the space feel welcoming.

Add a personal touch. A family photo, a small welcome gift, or a personal treasure that has a story are all fun pieces to include for your guests' space. 

Don't forget the practical stuff. A phone charger, a pitcher of water with glasses, and a small stash of toiletries your guests might have left at home are especially thoughtful touches.



Roxen Rug

$148 - $798

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