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Holiday Styling Guide with Anastasia Casey


This year, there is still so much joy and inspiration to be found celebrating the festive season at home. Anastasia Casey, founder and creative director for the Identité Collective blog and the IDCO Studio creative agency, was gracious enough to open up her stunning Austin home to us and share her best tips on transforming your space for the holidays. Gorgeous, aromatic greenery in the form of draping garlands; a refined mustard and copper color palette; the sprinkling in of textural elements all throughout the house—read on for more recs from Anastasia, and her timely reminder to cherish the small but spectacular moments with our loved ones.

Finding Joy and Inspiration At Home

This year, my inspiration for our holiday decor was led by all things natural, relaxed, and unfussy. I wanted this year’s decor to be sensitive to the pandemic while also being realistic about how we use our space now that we are all sheltering in place and social distancing. I felt inspired by Scandinavian and English holiday traditions and brought that in through simple velvet ribbons, cabin-inspired accessories, and lots of natural light. 

Three Pro Tips

Holiday decor can be made timeless, modern, and elegant with three easy tricks.

1. Keep things natural. The majority of my holiday decor is fresh greenery, seasonal fruits and vegetables, or draping garland. By choosing fresh accents, you’re helping small businesses and farmers thrive this season after a difficult year.

2. Pick a color palette. I love a tone on tone look for the holidays, so this year we went with a muted mustard and copper palette which paired beautifully with the golden hues of the olive branch garland.

3. Bring in texture. By switching your pillows from linen or cotton to wool or chunky linen boucle, you give all the subtle holiday vibes. Keep it elevated by adding a few chunky throws and swapping your artwork for something a bit darker or moody.

Know Your Seasonal Essentials

There is a lot of pressure over the holidays to decorate with more, more, more. I think the key to a well-designed holiday is actually to strip back. Focusing on natural greenery—either garland or just clippings from your yard—paired with candlelight and cozy layers instantly feel festive without feeling over the top. It’s also important to recognize and then layer in your festive must-haves. There are three things I need every year to make my house feel like the holidays: wool plaid touches, fresh garland, and lots of brass accents.

Celebrate New Traditions

Every holiday season, we’re traveling across the country, squeezing in seeing as many people as possible. I’m trying my best to revel in this year’s unique opportunity to spend the holiday with just my husband in our own home. I can’t wait to make cinnamon rolls from scratch Christmas morning and go for a long walk looking at Christmas lights around Austin’s historic neighborhoods.

Photography by Anastasia Casey

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