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Janelle Marie Lloyd's Layered and Elevated Home


Janelle Marie Lloyd is the supportive close friend who encourages you to yes, take advantage of that sale and buy the designer piece you have been eyeing for weeks. She is the fashion blogger, decor enthusiast, and influencer behind Wait, You Need This, the weekly shopping newsletter of her favorite finds. A multi-passionate—a term Janelle noted to us, and one we have immediately taken to—her unique creative journey through the fashion, interior design, and marketing worlds has influenced her personal and home decor aesthetic. We were then really excited to tour her beautiful New York City apartment, with graphic, tactile, and vibrant accents layered onto its welcoming tonal palette. Read on for our chat with Janelle about her sources of inspiration, constantly evolving style, and tips for refreshing your spaces for spring.

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Lakshmi Bowl


Sitara Rug

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From an assistant buyer to an MBA business maven to committing full-time to your blog in 2018, tell us a little about your journey. 

I recently heard the term multi-passionate, and that’s definitely me. I started as an assistant buyer for Bloomingdale’s, working on the decorative pillow and table linens categories. I was so taken by the decor industry that I left my job to study interior design at FIT. I didn’t stay in that field for long, but still love to dabble in decor projects for friends and constantly redecorate my home. Since then, I’ve done freelance prop styling for the likes of Ralph Lauren and Club Monaco, helped run an apparel start-up, and worked on marketing strategies for fashion brands at a boutique digital agency. I went on to get my MBA from NYU and land a job at Google. Blogging nights and weekends throughout it all, I took the plunge three years ago to full-time. I launched Wait, You Need This to share my shopping advice, inspire stylish everyday living, and help women get the fashion girl look.

What role do you think NYC design plays in your space's home decor style? 

The wrought iron and metal accents in my space are a nod to the NYC landscape. While I love an airy space that makes you want to go barefoot, I couldn’t have an NYC apartment and ignore its influence.

Where do you look for inspiration, are there staples from fashion, interior design, or elsewhere you turn to? 

We have so much inspiration at our fingertips with Instagram. I also get a lot of inspiration from hotels I’ve stayed in and loved. I always try to notice the details that make a space so intriguing to me and figure out what aspects of it I can replicate at home. And of course, I love soaking up the latest editorials from Domino and Architectural Digest. I am so interested in other people's homes.


Simcha Abstract Print

$260 - $700

Saige Abstract Print

$260 - $700


How would you describe your home decor style? Do you feel it is influenced by your fashion sense or more of a contrast to it? 

I think my home decor style is a reflection of my personal style in that it is constantly evolving, elevated, and changes subtly with my environment. I love a variety of influences, from bohemian to mid-century to old world, and I enjoy mixing them. 

We love how your living room refresh turned out. Tell us your inspiration behind it, and were you searching for a specific aesthetic?

Although I live in NYC, I’ve been dreaming of moving to LA for a while now. I wanted to capture a bit of the west coast with pieces that felt relaxed and airy and mixed natural materials.

A few Lulu and Georgia pieces are layered into your space, is there one statement maker you still find yourself fawning over? 

My new rug! I’ve wanted an authentic Moroccan Berber rug for so long. 

Any advice for those looking to update their living room—including maybe a couple for people wanting to recreate your space’s look? 

Get a comfortable and classic sofa, and go trendy with the accent chairs. Rugs are also a great place to invest. I know I’ll have this vintage rug in every home from now on.

What are your three tips for transitioning your space into the new spring season? 

Swapping out decorative pillows is a simple and accessible way to add a dose of spring to your space. You might also try an area rug in a natural fiber for the new season if you’ve styled your space with a heavier one beforehand. And, don’t forget flowers. They’re an instant spring mood.

What are the three Instagram accounts we need to be following right now? 

My go-to's are @dietprada to stay up to date on all things fashion and cultural news, @getclever for accessible home inspiration from an Arch Digest eye, and @blackownedeverything for fashion, beauty, and other black-owned businesses you can support. 

What is next for you and Wait, You Need This? 

Who knows! I’d love to design products in collaboration with brands I love, maybe do some TV hosting work, and we’re also looking to purchase a home soon, so there might be a renovation project in the works!

Photography provided by Janelle Lloyd, Wait You Need This

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