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Mallory Fletchall's Elegant and Inviting Apartment


Mallory Fletchall's Brooklyn apartment is a testament to her love affair with New York City. The lifestyle and home decor blogger has transformed her apartment—which features the signature crown molding, tall ceilings, and hardwood floors of pre-war architecture—by beautifully complementing it with antique touches, a warm color palette, and modern statement makers. Fletchall is the creator of Reserve Home, a blog dedicated to the home she shares with her husband, David, and their two cats, Michael and Kiki. We have admired Mallory's impeccable design eye and style for years and have loved how she's layered our rugs into her home previously. That is why we were so excited to tour her home, partner on evolving her living space's look, and sit down for a chat. We spoke about her progression into the digital content world, what she is most looking forward to this summer, and how dreamers like her have found a true home in the city.

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Tell us about your career path and what led you to become a digital media content creator. 

I’ve long had an entrepreneurial side of me that craved to work for myself. That led me to start a vintage clothing shop via eBay in high school with a close friend, which slowly evolved into a vintage textiles (think rugs, pillows, and floor poufs) online shop. It’s when I made the switch to selling vintage rugs in 2016 that I started taking styled photographs of them in my own home. I posted the photos I would take to my shop’s Instagram page and quickly noticed that people were way more interested in our home than they were in the products I was marketing. I slowly began to share more and more of our home and in the process, fell in love with the styling, interior decorating, and designing of our own home. 

For a few years, I managed my online shop full time and created content on the side, but I transitioned to full-time digital media content creation at the beginning of 2020! I have to admit, I never thought I would be a content creator of any kind. It just naturally happened over time, and I couldn’t be more glad it did! 

What is your goal with Reserve Home? How did you figure out your brand vision, and what is your inspiration (and hope) for future content?

To be honest, since my progression into content creation was never planned, I have never really mapped out my brand vision. I’ve just shared what feels natural and watched things evolve over the years. I have so many dreams for the future, some big and some small. I would love to get into product design, write a coffee table book, own and design rental properties, and much more. At the moment though, I’m trying to soak up the present and see what comes next.

A few Lulu and Georgia pieces are layered into your space, is there one statement maker you still find yourself fawning over? 

How do I pick just one?! I will say that all of my Lulu and Georgia rugs are complete and total showstoppers. Our Lemieux Et Cie Paffa Rug is one of my favorites though. I love the subtle blush tones and surprising pattern moments. We have it layered in our lounge, and it’s beautiful and cozy—the perfect combination if you ask me. 

How does New York City inspire not only your home style but your lifestyle? 

My interior style is completely inspired by living in New York City. I was very quickly charmed by the historic architecture of our first apartment, and that’s even more true for our new home. The decorative moldings and trim, tall ceilings, and large windows have inspired me to bring in more antique pieces that pay homage to the age of the building, like the monumental pier mirror I found last year.

NYC has this infectious energy that I often find impossible to describe. Growing up in the Midwest, I didn’t often go for long walks for no reason or feel the sudden pull to explore a random neighborhood on a Sunday. It’s this same energy that pushes me to keep evolving and trying out new things, especially in terms of designing our spaces. I always say that New York is the perfect place for dreamers like me because you can have these moments where you truly feel like anything is possible. 

What were your favorite moments from your recent living room refresh? 

I always love seeing my older pieces, things I’ve collected and had for many years, mixed with new ones! We found a vintage woven bench from India while out thrifting on Long Island in 2014 that has had many different functions for us over the years. Sometimes it’s our cat’s favorite bed, sometimes a bench for us, but right now, it's our coffee table. Seeing it paired with our new Jillian Rug and the pier mirror reminds me that new doesn’t equate to better and how easy it is to refresh a space without replacing everything. 

How would you describe your at-home style? 

I struggle with this question all of the time because I find it hard to fit into one of the traditional interior design styles so often quoted and referenced. Instead, I like to say that my at-home style is very much influenced by European interiors, especially the Haussmann style so often found in Paris. I’m drawn to bright and airy spaces that are still layered and collected. An eclectic mix of modern and antique pieces is key to my style. 

Summer is right around the corner! How will you spend your summer in the city, and what are some of your favorite ways of bringing in the season?  

Some of our closest friends are renting the garden apartment in our brownstone rental for the summer, so I’m most looking forward to BBQs in the backyard! I’m also beyond excited to enjoy the outdoor seating at restaurants and picnic in the park, both of which became staples last summer. It sounds like I’m mostly looking forward to any excuse to eat outside huh?!

What are some at-home rituals you started in quarantine that you’ll carry with you post lockdown? 

Quarantine pushed me to get more into DIY out of sheer necessity, but I hope to take that with me as things continue to open up and life returns to “normal.” That and frequent picnics. 

What’s coming up for you and Reserve Home?  

I have a few more projects up my sleeve at the new place, and that includes finishing up our kitchen renovation, which I’m very excited to finally share! I would also love to collaborate with my buds (and housemates!) Glam Studio BK to design a few pieces of furniture—stay tuned!


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