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Our Favorite Pieces to Style With


When styling a room, there are certain go-to pieces that we just can’t live without; a stack of coffee table books, a low bowl, a sprig of greenery. Accessories and decor are the finishing touches to any space and can make a room go from blah to beautiful in minutes. Today, we’ve rounded up our favorite, most-reached-for pieces that come with us to every shoot, whether it’s Modern Minimal or Eclectic Traditional. No matter the style, these pieces are the real show-stoppers.

The Low Bowl

One of our favorite pieces to style with is the low bowl. On a coffee table, it’s the perfect piece to place next to or on top of a stack of books. It also doubles as a catch-all for keys, matchbooks, and various odds-and-ends. All in all, a beautiful and versatile piece to have on hand.


Harolyn Bowl


The Vintage Pillow

A one-of-a-kind vintage pillow is a beautiful piece to finish off a bedroom or living room. Since the pattern and texture is so unique, it’s a great way to play up the personality of a space. 

The Tray

A tray acts as a way to corral various items on display or to house a collection of items. We especially love how a tray can collect small items into feeling like an overall larger piece-making a surface seems less chaotic and more curated. A white ceramic piece is nice against a dark surface or a rattan tray is great when a bit of extra texture is needed.


Farrow Bowl


The Mood Maker

Nothing changes the mood more in a room than lighting and scent. A candle is a great finishing touch that you’ll never regret having around. We like a big poured candle placed on top of a book, or a collection of taper candleholders in varying heights to polish off a look. 

The Wooden Vessel

Vintage-inspired, primitive vessels are having a moment and for good reason.  There’s something about the richness of wood that adds a little extra to any space. We especially like a small collection of vessels from the same time period to add a bit of temporal texture to a room. 

The White Ceramic

Smooth, sleek ceramic is always a go-to in almost every space. It transcends all decor styles-looking great in traditional, eclectic and modern homes. It’s simple to mix and match pieces across collections when working with similar texture and color. A curated collection of ceramics always looks great on a coffee table or sideboard, be it two pieces or ten. 


Fallon Vase

$248 - $323

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