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Vintage Rugs and How to Style Them - Shop Vintage Online


It’s no surprise that we love vintage rugs around here, but finding the best vintage rugs can certainly come with it's own set of challenges. From unusual sizes to interesting wear patterns, the things that make vintage rugs so charming also make them a tad bit trickier to work with. That being said, if you choose vintage rugs they tend to last longer, wear better, and are incredibly versatile in any space or home style if you know what you’re doing. Read on for more tips on how to shop vintage online and incorporate these beautiful works of art into your home without ever going to a vintage rug shop. 

Add a Runner

The best way to add a touch of vintage style to your home is with a runner. Runners have better price options than a large living room or bedroom sized rug, it brings a much needed pop of color and texture to kitchens, hallways and bathrooms. When you want to shop for a runner, always make sure to measure the room before you order so that there is at least 4-6 inches of flooring visible on all sides of the rug. Use the colors from the runner as a palette from which to decorate the rest of the space. 

Layer, Layer, Layer

Sometimes, the best way to make a vintage rug work in your space is to layer it on top of a larger rug. If you end up with a vintage rug that’s a little small for the room, either for budgetary reasons or because that’s just the one you fell in love with, layering on a jute, sisal or other neutral rug can visually extend the size of the vintage rug. The larger rug should be a relatively flat weave, so that it creates a smooth surface for the other to lay on-avoid trying to layer a vintage rug on top of high pile rugs like moroccans or shags.


Take Care

Time honored techniques and ancient methods mean that these rugs have stood the test of time, and will continue to do so with the right care. A vintage wool rug can stand up to high trafficked areas like a living room or kitchen, while a soft silk rug would be right at home in a bedroom. No matter where the rug is, take care to rotate the rug every couple of years to ensure even wear and avoid heavy, direct sunlight.  With proper care, these rugs will only get better with time and develop a patina all their own. 

Build Your Palette

Vintage rugs feel timeless and can be used within many different design styles. A classic patterned rug can provide enough texture and depth to make up for a subdued color palette. You also can’t go wrong with a neutral base and a subtle hint of color-many neutral or tonal rugs have a slight variation of color running throughout that can be teased out and sprinkled throughout the room. Once you find the perfect rug, add a few vintage pillows to your furniture or art in the same color family as the rug to top off the look. 


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