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Living Room Style


Creating a living room that looks good and functions well is challenging. From choosing a rug, to adding art, to topping it all off with the right lighting, read on for living room design tips for your home.

Use the correct size rug

Buy a rug that’s the right size for your living room. Living rooms almost always need at least an 8’x10’ and most probably need a 9’x12’. If you’re in love with your current too-small rug, consider layering a jute or sisal rug underneath that’s the correct size for the space. This is one of the best ways to upgrade your living room interior design and make your space look thoughtful and curated.

Update lighting fixtures

Create a focal point in the living room design by replacing builder’s grade or outdated fixtures with new lighting. If renting, consider options like plug-in sconces that you can take with you when you move. Even bringing in a floor lamp or table lamp can upgrade your living room decor, as lighting is often considered the jewelry of room.

Add art

Walls looking a bit bare? Upgrade your living room ideas by hanging large scale art. Wall Art should be a reflection of your personality and style, so take your time when searching for new pieces and find something that really speaks to you. When working with multiple pieces of art, try to keep the frames in a similar color palette and style to keep things from feeling too chaotic.

Pay attention to scale

A sofa that’s too big or small for a room instantly throws off the whole scale of living room designs, no matter how well planned the rest of the space is. Similarly, if everything in the room is the same height, a space can feel boring and flat.Try to vary items in size and height; the pieces in your room should resemble a skyline, with a mix of very tall, very low, large and small.

Bring in Greenery

The quickest way to breathe some life into your living room decor ideas is by adding a plant. Indoor trees are the perfect piece to fill up that awkward corner, while potted plants are the perfect topper to a case piece or shelf. For areas with low-light, try a zz plant or pothos, both good options for beginners.

Curate your decor

Too many accessories scattered about can make your home look chaotic instead of curated. To remedy, remove everything from the space and regroup. Select the spots that make the most impact, choose your favorite pieces, and start to group collections of objects together to form vignettes, making sure to vary texture and size of pieces. Bring anything that doesn’t make to the cut into other rooms, set aside as storage, or donate. Curated decor is the final piece to bring your living room decorating ideas to life.

Refresh throw pillows

Mixing and matching throw pillows is one of the easiest ways to provide an instant update to any room. Swap them out seasonally or introduce a couple new pieces whenever you feel like you need some newness. Bring in multiple textures and colors to enhance your interior design. Living room spaces can always benefit from throw pillows, from the most casual to the most formal of designs

Hang curtains

Add color and personality to a room with window treatments. Hang curtains either at the ceiling or 2/3 of the distance between the ceiling and top of the window. Also-please, please, please make sure your curtains kiss the ground. They shouldn’t puddle up too much or end up swinging inches off the floor.

These living room furniture ideas will help transform a blank space or liven up a room that needs an update.  By creating a room with lots of personality, shape, and texture, you can truly transform a space and make your house a home.

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