Getting to Know Amy Bartlam, Interior Photographer



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"I've definitely learned that you should mix things up as much as possible, combine new with vintage and use a variety of textures and layers"



Charleston Sofa, Ivory

$2,798 - $3,598

Zehra Rug

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Deva Platform Bed, Moss

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You were born in the UK and now live in LA. What brought you to the States?

It was actually my boyfriend’s job that brought me here! He’s a TV editor and came over to LA for a job, which lead to another job… so he asked me if I wanted to move to California!

Tell us a little about your photography business and how you got started.

Well, I got my degree in photography and my first job out of university was shooting with a wedding photographer on the south coast of the UK. It was a lot of fun and an amazing learning experience but I knew weddings weren’t for me (talk about high stress!). What I did realize during my time at that job was that I loved shooting the spaces and details at weddings and it rekindled a love of interiors that I’d had from a very young age. So I contacted a friend who was an interior designer and shot her work to build my portfolio, ever since then I’ve specialized in shooting interiors. And now I get to work with amazing designers in LA and all over the US!

We’d love to hear more about your home! What is your favorite space in your home and why?

We have a breakfast bar in our kitchen that is probably my favorite spot! I actually don’t sit there a ton but when we have friends over it’s great because they can sit at the bar while we cook or make drinks - it’s really sociable and it means you don’t get left out if you’re the one cooking!

What is one space you always have trouble photographing in a home and how do you get around it?

Powder rooms are the hardest, no contest! They typically have zero natural light, are super compact so you’re restricted on where you can stand and more often than not that one magic spot (usually on the toilet itself, glamorous!) is opposite a mirror! I usually end up putting my tripod and camera on the toilet and trigger the shutter remotely from outside the room - and then photoshop my camera out of the reflection - if it sneaks in!

What is the typical day-to-day for you look like?

A typical day starts with a spin class to clear my head and get my energy up, then I head to the office and spend a little time on emails and general admin before getting stuck into editing. I go out to pick up lunch but always end up eating at my desk, a bad habit I’d like to break! I listen to the radio or podcasts (or stream a soccer game!) while I edit and drink loads of tea (of course!). Then I either come home and cook a simple dinner with my boyfriend followed by whatever TV show we’re binging that week, or I go out somewhere local with friends for low-key dinner and drinks.

What’s next for you and your photography business?

It looks like I’ll be doing some teaching this year, which is definitely out of my comfort zone but really exciting! I’m also hoping to do some shoots back in the UK.

You see amazing homes every day - what are some insider styling and decor tips you’ve picked up?

I’ve definitely learned that you should mix things up as much as possible i.e. mix in pricey pieces with inexpensive ones, combine new with vintage and use a variety of textures and layers. I also really see the value in collecting and curating over time rather than buying everything at once.




Favorite restaurant in LA?

Figaro Bistrot in Los Feilz

Abstract or Photography Art?

Abstract (although I currently have photography in my house!)

Favorite room to photograph?

Dining Room

What would your last meal be?

Steak frites

Favorite account to follow on Instagram?


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