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Anne Sage's Bright Bedroom Refresh


Blogger, Author, Designer, Stylist, and Entrepreneur Anne Sage has quite the resume. From growing her online platform to writing a book and founding an influencer agency it seems there isn't much she hasn't done. We chatted with the talented creative about what balance looks like for her, where she finds inspiration, and her tips when decorating. Read on for more and to see Anne's bedroom refresh. 

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You started blogging about ten years ago. How did you get started and how has it changed over the years?

When I started my blog in 2008, if you’d told me that I was laying a brick in the foundation of my career—of an entire industry, really!—I’d have laughed you out of town. It’s been fascinating to watch how social media has gone from being a quaint pastime to an essential component of every brand’s marketing strategy. I started my blog as a creative outlet when I was working as a consumer strategist at an ad agency, and since then I’ve co-founded an online magazine (Rue Magazine), written a book (Sage Living), opened a creative studio in Los Angeles (Light Lab), and co-founded a company that connects design influencers with home brands for campaigns (Influencd.) I’ve been able to do all those things through the strength of the relationship I’ve built over the years with my audience; and even though the industry has changed so much from when I started (does anyone even read blogs anymore?!), what remains is how sacred I hold the trust and integrity of my followers.

You live in LA. Tell us a little bit more about your home, your neighborhood and what you love about the California life.

I’ve lived all over North America, but nowhere has felt like home in the way that LA does! For starters, I’m very sensitive to the quality of the light in a place, and the abundant sunshine in LA really does make for tons of positive energy throughout the year. Our home is a 1954 bungalow in an East LA neighborhood called Atwater Village. It has huge windows throughout (gotta have that natural light!), and before we moved in we stripped the floors down to their natural pale oak color. It’s airy and bright, and sometimes it feels as if there are no walls separating us from our tree-lined street. We’re on a hidden cul-de-sac that abuts the Los Angeles river, so sometimes we have curious ducks and coyotes that wander up from the river banks to say hello. We’re very immersed in nature, yet we’re just moments away from some of the city’s best restaurants, shopping, and cultural sites. In short, it’s absolute heaven!

You recently gave your bedroom a Spring refresh. What are your tips for updating your space for the season?

I’m all about how a room makes me feel, and in Spring I want to feel the excitement and lightness of renewal and possibility. I always start with a deep cleaning (Easter Bunnies yes, dust bunnies no!), because even if you change nothing else, the feel of the Spring breeze through the windows of a spotless room is priceless. I’ll also look for ways I can make low-stress updates. I might move a lamp from one room into another, or swap out small decor accents or art from my storage shelves in the garage. (Hoarder alert!) Rearranging existing pieces instead of shopping for new ones is quick and cost effective, and it has the same ability to make a stale space feel new again!

You have some of the best tips and inspiration for entertaining, interiors, and fashion. Where do you find inspiration and how do you balance all of those things?

Aww, thank you! Pinterest, blogs, and Instagram are definitely great for inspiration, but they can sometimes feel very iterative. I find that the best way to get inspiratio is to step away from my screens and into the real world. That could be everything from hitting my favorite independent boutiques to see and touch firsthand the products in shops; traveling to other parts of the world to experince how people different than me are dressing, decorating, and dining; and attending industry events like product launches and trade shows. In terms of creating balance, I definitely don’t feel like I have a solid handle on interiors, entertaining, and fashion all at once! Rather, I’ll go through a period of time where I’m totally immersed in one, then I’ll crawl out from that rabbit hole only to fall down another!
Your home has such a well-curated, cohesive flow to it. How would you describe your style?

I’d best describe my home as organic modern. I love clean lines and contemporary silhouettes, but to keep it all feeling warm and inviting, I make sure to incorporate lots of natural textures and tones. Think linen and leather, beechwood and burnished brass,

The color palette of your home is very muted and soft. How do you achieve that feel but also, how on Earth do you keep it clean?!

To keep that soft, muted sensibility, I’ve learned to become a pretty ruthless editor. Every day I encounter pieces I love, but if they don’t jive with the tone I’ve set at home, they don’t come in the door. (Instead I just find a way to use them in a client project, ha!) As for keeping things clean, my secret weapon is my husband. He’s a master at stain removal!

You split your time as a blogger and helping clients with interior design, art direction, and photo styling. How do you balance the two?

Balance is such a tricky word! It implies that at some point, we’ll find a secret formula for keeping everything working perfectly all the time—and with everything I have going on, that’s just not a realistic goal! I love the analogy of balance as it applies to doing a headstand in yoga. The pose isn’t about clenching all your muscles and staying perfectly still, but rather about making constant tiny adjustments so you don’t topple. Work balance is the same; my focus and energy might veer in several different directions in a given week, but taken on the whole, everything’s working in tandem to move me forward.

What’s next for you?

Motherhood is definitely my next big journey, and all the shifts in life and career that come with that. I’m a control freak so I’m trying not to stress about all the unknowns that come with deciding to become a mom! Instead, I’m geeking out over nursery design and have just completed a couple baby’s rooms for clients. It’s such fun to create spaces for little ones!

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