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Recreate this Interior Designer's enviable California Modern Style


When you walk into Joyce Downing Pickens' Laurel Canyon home you immediately find yourself running to every room and asking "where did you get this?" and "where did you find that?" Joyce has a knack for blending the old with the new. Her home is sprinkled with vintage flea market finds but her modern furnishes make the space feel current. Even with all of her vintage items, it doesn't feel random - every piece is carefully collected and styled. Joyce recently made over her space with Lulu and Georgia. Our modern pieces paired with her vintage treasures is the perfect marriage for a warm, layered home. Shop the feature below and see Joyce's tips for scoring your own vintage collection. 


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Fer Dining Table

$2,498 - $3,498


If you could only choose 3 things to update a space, what would they be?

First and foremost the rug. Next pulling the colors from the rug into the pillows and then choosing the accessories.These 3 things can make or break your space and completely change the look.

You have a knack for finding amazing vintage pieces - any tips for vintage shopping.

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is go to the flea market. Keep your eye open for a warn bowl, a ceramic pottery piece, or a vintage painting. These 3 items can really update your space.

What is one decor faux-pas you see all too often?

Styling with accessories from a bunch of big box stores. I highly suggest hitting the flea markets and collecting something that means something to you. It will create a much more warn and warm aesthetic. 


Photos by Amy Bartlam

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