Behind the Scenes

July Moodboard


"In our Moodboard Series, I'm sharing the things that are currently inspiring me. This month, I’m all about the artisan. Art, in the cleanest, purest sense of the word is keeping us all sane. From film to literature to podcasts to photography, artists are who we turn to in times like these for entertainment and escapism. And it isn’t just the professionals; people all over are taking up hobbies, relearning talents, and getting creative. Collectively, we’re dusting off our oil paints, pulling out the old knitting bag, and redecorating our homes. So here’s to the artists; the Instagrammers, the shower singers, candle makers, daytime doodlers, and first-time bakers. To the dreamers and the doers of the world making art and creating magic, we thank you." - Kelley Mason, Manager of Creative + Content


Estie Rug

$228 - $1,228


Rehya Rug

$198 - $3,598

Henna Pillow

$168 - $198


Nichole Jute Rug

$88 - $1,348

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