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Styling Series: How to Pair Dining Tables and Chairs


Welcome to the Styling Stories Series! I'm Kelley, the resident stylist here at Lulu and Georgia. Each month, I'll be sharing insider tips and rules for tricky styling situations. Over my ten year career as an interior designer and prop stylist, I've styled hundreds of room settings and have picked up tons of pro tips along the way. As we draw closer to the holidays, it’s time to think about getting ready to host and entertain this season. It can be difficult to gauge the right size table for your holiday function, much less select the correct chairs to match. Today, I'm sharing my tips for the right size table for your space along with my favorite table and chair combos.


Hosting and entertaining in a small space or in a room that does dual duty doesn’t have to be difficult. For intimate settings of 2-4 people, consider a round table. Round tables are great for encouraging conversation and are easy to tuck into a small corner. They give off a more casual feel, as there is no head of the table, and provide a cozy, intimate feel for smaller parties. For four people, try to find a round table with a diameter between 42-48”.  If adding up to 6 people, look for tables up to 60” across.



Marteena Round Dining Table

$2,528 - $3,210

 Italian Mid-Century


Lottie Rug

$218 - $3,285



Kye Rug

$198 - $1,558



For larger parties of 6-8 people, a rectangular or oval table is a great bet. Oval tables have a little more casual feel, while rectangular tables feel more traditional. A 60-72” table comfortably sits 6 people, while an 80-87” table seats 8.  Keep in mind that each person needs about 2 feet of eating space and the table needs to be at least 36 inches wide to allow enough space for food and place settings.

 French Art Deco



Rana Rug

$198 - $1,575

Modern Coastal



Taza Rug

$138 - $1,298



Jenica Rug

$68 - $1,098



For large events of 10 or more people, an extendable table is a great option. These tables can used the majority of the year at a more standard 6-8 person size and expanded when needed. A 92-108’ table can seat 10 people, and for 12 people you’ll need a table that can extend at least 120”. For a table this large, make sure to allow at least 3’ of clearance on all sides of the table to allow people to easily pull out their chairs and to make sure there is space to walk behind people who are seated. Make sure to measure for the fully extended size of an expandable table when considering it for your space.

Scandinavian Farmhouse


Kaiza Extendable Dining Table

$3,452 - $4,168



Modern Farm



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