Carmeon Hamilton on Her Favorite Way to Add Life to a Space


Creating a space that feels layered, textural, and full of life is no easy feat but Carmeon Hamilton of Nubi Interiors manages to do just. Her signature bohemian-polished style is full of plant-life (her signature!), bright colors, bold patterns, and mixed textures. The spaces feel thoughtful and collected but full of personality. We chatted with Carmeon about how to mix vintage and new, what’s next for her business, and of course, her secrets for caring for plants. 

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You live in Memphis and own Nubi interiors. Tell us more about how you got to where you are.

Like a lot of entrepreneurial ventures, Nubi Interiors was born out of necessity. I started my career right out of college, working in the interior design department of a healthcare company. I was with the company for almost 5 years when they decided to dissolve the design department. A longer than bearable stint of unemployment pushed me to put my knowledge and skills together and offer interior design, custom furniture and personal shopping services. But it was blogging that really propelled my business. People are so much more engaged when they have a backstory, a how-to or the why behind project.

You are a house plant queen. Tell us some of your best tips to styling a space with plants and knowing what plants to pick that will thrive best.

Plants are one of the most impactful elements you can add to any space. They instantly bring in a feeling of life and approachability. Before selecting plants, you have to be aware of the natural light levels of the space they’ll live in. Some plants require tons of natural light, so you have to be sure you can accommodate their needs. Once you’re aware of light sources,  there’s a plant for every surface. Think taller, tree-like plants for corners, rounded, busher shapes for table tops and vining plants for shelfie styling.

How would you describe your signature look?

I love to describe it as modern boho or modern comfort. There will always be clean-lined, structured pieces that still look and feel inviting, layered with tons of texture and personal touches. And no Nubi Interiors space is complete without plant babies.

What are a few of your must have accent pieces to tie a room together?

Well, it totally depends on the space, but I’m always on the hunt for rugs, statement lighting and unique decorative accents, like ceramic vases or calligraphy brushes.

Favorite way to spend a lazy day?

Since these days are so few, I spend them doing absolutely nothing with a large side of Netflix.

We love how you mix vintage with new. What’s your process look like to ensure a balanced design?

Balance is definitely key and it’s easiest to achieve when you apply it to the main pieces of your space. If you start out with a new sofa or sectional, bring in a vintage sideboard as a media stand or a vintage coffee table. If you’re starting with a vintage headboard, add in new/modern nightstands. The mix makes spaces feel current and intentional, but not right off the shelf of a big box store.

On top of being a designer, stylist, and blogger you are also a mother. Tell us what an average day looks like for you.

Well, first, raising the best kid in the world alongside the best husband and father in the world makes my responsibilities at home incredibly flexible. On an average day, I wake up, shower and then wake up the kiddo. He dresses himself and makes his own breakfast while I finish getting ready. Once we’re both done, I drop him off at school or camp and then head to work. I get to the office and write out my to-do list for the day, answer emails, check in with my assistant, check on clients and contractors, track orders, etc. I get an idea for dinner, so I put in a grocery order online to pick up later. Lunch time rolls around and I head to a meeting with my photog friend and we shoot content for the blog. I may or may not remember to eat and then head back to work. I finish up the work day with more of the same things from the morning. After work, I head to a new client consultation. Hubs picks up the kiddo and the grocery order. They patiently wait for me to get home and make dinner. After dinner, the kidd gets a few more minutes of video games before a bath and bedtime. I break out my computer to work up a proposal for my latest consultation client or write a blog post. Before Hubs and I join each other in the living room to catch the latest episode of whatever we’re bingeing at the time, I tuck the kid in and kiss him goodnight. It’s likely that I fall asleep on whatever we’re watching and hubs has to wake me up to tell me to go to bed. The end!

Where do you find your inspiration for your work?

I absolutely love hospitality design. Thoughtfully designed hotels and restaurants are a never ending source of inspiration. Whether old or new, modern or traditional, local or international, I get to experience them myself or via Pinterest or Instagram, I always find new elements that inspire the projects I work on.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Never do anything half-assed. Every action is an opportunity to express who you are and who you want people to know you to be. 

What are some of your favorite spots in Memphis that are a must for those visiting?

There are just so many! I make a weekly stop by my favorite shops in Overton Square: 17 Berkshire, the cutest cafe where I get my orange blossom latte (trust me on this) and freshly made lavender macarons, and Crazy Beautiful, my favorite local fashion boutique. Crosstown Concourse is one of my fav all-in-one stops. There’s an art gallery, great restaurants and retail shops and a bar that serves up some of the best artisan cocktails. The best place to get your nails done is the new Saddle Creek location of Nail Bar Co.; probably the most ‘Instagrammable’ spot in the city. And I can spend an entire Saturday in the Broad Avenue Art District. My favorite brunch spot, The Liquor Store is there along with shops and studios owned by some of my favorite people in the city!

Tell us what’s next for you and Nubi Interiors.

This is such a timely question! I just recently left my full-time corporate job as a lead buyer to pursue and commit to Nubi Interiors full time! This means being able to say ‘yes’ to more design projects, take on more writing opportunities like my plant guide, create elevated creative and consistent for my blog and social channels and spend more intentional time with my family and making our house a home.

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