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5 Styling Tips To Redefine Your Outdoor Space


Spring is here and summer is on the way! With warmer weather comes more opportunity for outdoor living. It can be daunting when trying to plan out yet another space, and choosing the right outdoor pieces can be tricky. Here are some tips for how to navigate the pieces needed to create the perfect outdoor oasis.

Choose the right materials. 

Make sure you are buying pieces designated for outdoor living. Materials like steel and teak are durable, while special fabric is necessary for soft goods that may be left outside and exposed to the elements. I do recommend keeping outdoor fabrics out of the sun for long periods of time, as the sun can eventually lighten them over time.


Garner Indoor / Outdoor Dining Table

$2,298 - $2,498

Play with color.

If you typically gravitate towards neutrals inside the home, outdoor living is an opportunity to bring in brighter, bolder tones. Pillows, rugs, and even placemats can provide a pop of color that plays well with and actually compliments all the texture found outdoors.


Tami Indoor / Outdoor Rug

$198 - $1,698

Kairi Throw


Think about your location. 

If your outdoor space is lacking trees or shelter from the sun, you may need an outdoor umbrella to provide more shade. If you live by the ocean, the salty air can be more damaging to outdoor furniture, so plan accordingly by bringing in furniture covers. Establish your needs, and then start to work on solutions to ensure your outdoor space gets plenty of use.


Spread it out.

If you have the room, make several vignettes around your space so that everything doesn’t end clustered in the same spot. If one portion of your yard is shadier than another, think about how you will use the living areas-will you mainly be eating dinners outside and lounging during the day? The dining area might be better suited to a sunnier spot in the yard, since it will mostly be used in the evening. This frees up the shadier spot for the lounge area.

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Cadenza Indoor / Outdoor Accent Chair

Regular Price: $1,198

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Don't forget decor.

Bring in potted plants to cover up unsightly corners, lay out a table runner, and pile on the pillows. Though it’s best not to leave (most) decor items outdoors all year round, certain outdoor rated pieces can be. With all outdoor pieces, make sure not to leave out in the sun or in extreme weather for too long.


Madera Lantern

$150 - $185

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