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Your Spring Bedding Refresh


It might just be that time of the year, but we’re ready for a refresh. Today we’re tackling one of the most under-designed rooms in the house-the bedroom. While it might be too great a task for a complete renovation, an easy way to freshen up a bedroom is to simply switch up the linens. A new pair of pillows, a great duvet, or the coziest throw can perk up any space. Today we’re sharing our favorite bedding combinations (and what we’re pairing them with!) for anyone who’s looking for a little inspiration and a whole lot of cozy is good.

Feminine Layers

If you’re looking to dive into a cozy, layered, texture wonderland every night, look no further. Sweet hues of cream, blush and white satisfy even the girliest among us, while heaps of pillows beckon for a soothing slumber. The key to this look is it’s undone structure-each layer is untucked, yet soundly in the right place. Non-bed makers need not apply.  


Rina Wall Art

$611 - $1,215

Stripes + Textures


Rest easy in layers of stripes and textures. A simple palette of mossy green, cream and bright white add zen while the subtle stripes in the duvet and pillows bring in a hint of playfulness. A waffle weave throw is the perfect cozy layer, waiting patiently at the foot of the bed for a chilly night. 


Deva Platform Bed, Talc

$1,398 - $1,998

Taza Rug, Black

$158 - $1,538

Raw + Refined


Neutral, yet textured; composed, yet slightly undone. A hint of pattern in the pillows is all that’s needed to perk up an otherwise completely zen-like creamy palette. No hospital corners here - a look this casual calls for an untucked duvet and effortlessly tossed throw. 


Acoma Rug

$428 - $3,298

Nia Bed, Natural

$3,198 - $3,498

Warm Neutrals


Waking up here is a breath of fresh air. Sunny neutrals are nestled under layers of woven textures for a look that’s cozy, yet casual. Warm tones of blush, custard and cream beckon for a snuggle in a space that’s sure to make you hit the snooze.  

High Contrast


A bold hit of black keeps this neutral space from feeling too washed out. The graphic stripes on the pillows, throw, and bench are the perfect fresh hit of contrast when paired with the vintage-inspired pattern on the rug. Sure, an all white bed would have been dreamy, but we’re loving this fresh take on monochrome. 


Rehya Rug

$198 - $3,598

New Traditional


An otherwise easy, neutral palette gets a pop due to the hint of color in the throw pillows. This color works with such a subdued palette because the deep color of the bed stands up to the punch of pigment, balancing the look. Pair with a half-tucked duvet and un-fussy pillows for a streamlined sanctuary for snoozing. 


Helene Rug

$86 - $1,795

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