Behind the Scenes

Styling Series: Fall Collection


In creating the overall look for our Fall Collection, Earthbound, we knew we wanted to do something moody and dramatic, yet cozy and collected. To bring out the inherent earthiness of the pieces, we used a mix of new and vintage items to give the collection a note of temporal texture, adding to the depth we’d already created by layering boucle, raw wood, and linen. The final outcome is a collection rooted in texture and curated with nature in mind. Today, I’m walking you through all the thoughts and ideas behind the styling of one of my favorite shoots to date. 

The idea of temporal texture is a concept particular to this collection, meaning I wanted to incorporate  items at various stages of their life cycle. Vintage pieces like the Pazice Vintage Wooden Vessel  and Carmella Vintage Textile Wall Art pair beautifully with handmade, artisan pieces like the Olema Handwoven Throw.


Paxton Slipcover Bed, Flax

$3,298 - $3,598

Orla Rug, Slate

$150 - $989

I fell in love with this Paige Pendant Light but it needed a table that could stand up to it’s unique style and scale. The Nera Dining Table is the perfect compliment; its stocky, asymmetrical legs and smooth oak finish balance the visual weight and texture of the pendant. Balance and scale are especially important when styling a room. For example, the Giraud Bowl in the center of the table is 20” across-a large bowl by most standards, but it looks right at home when paired with pieces of supporting scale and weight. 


The key to this look is building layers not only of texture but also of color value and depth. In a tonal space like this, keeping the eye interested and moving around the room is key. Pieces like the ribbed Rebecca Andrew Accordian Lamp and carved Bovet Small Bowl are both in the same color family, but their different tones keep the color brown from feeling boring. The New Zealand Laurel in the corner brings a bright burst of green energy and life, keeping the overall look from becoming too subdued.


Sivan Rug

$190 - $4,298

A thoughtfully curated collection of items can lend a worldly touch to a space, even if they weren’t exactly picked up on travels around the globe. Displaying these pieces on a surface that doubles as art is equally impressive. The Nera Console Table provides  a beautiful backdrop to a collection of white ceramics; Our Fallon Vase has elements of mid-century style and the Flared Bowl by Sheldon Ceramics is reminiscent of Japanese design, but when paired together, they look like they were always meant to be. 


Portola Slipcover Sofa, Flax

$3,498 - $3,898

Mari Rug

$120 - $1,460

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