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5 Trends You Need to Know About in 2021


The joy of celebrating the new year feels so closely tied with looking forward to what comes next. We too have spent time reflecting on and planning for the year to come—what trends are emerging in home decor, how to best incorporate them into our design ethos, and then how to help you layer those styling tips and new collections into your home's aesthetic. So, we asked Kelley Mason, our Stylist and Manager of Creative + Content, to identify and give her insight on the five top trends for 2021. They are the statement pieces and muted tones of Soft Deco style, the lean towards artisan-crafted products, the addition of richly-textured walls, the blend of traditional style and modern touches, and the creation of your own home office. Read on for more about each and note how they all tie back to the need to incorporate character and a personal narrative in your spaces, curating them with eye-catching pieces and accents. 

Soft Deco

Malibu Home, Architectural Digest, February 1990


Soft Deco combines organic, sculptural forms with sensual and tactile materials. Exaggerated statement pieces crafted in soft textures keep the look minimalist yet warm. As we spend more time in our homes, I believe we will want to decrease the clutter and increase the eye candy—when everything is a standout piece, you don't need as many items to generate the same impact.

Artisan and Handcrafted Pieces

Earthbound Collection, Fall Editoral 2020



Artisan and handcrafted items feel special and unique. These are the thoughtful, purposeful elements that make a design feel curated and collected over time, rather than impulsively thrown together to fill a space. When each piece has a story, a patina, a home feels full of life and movement. I think there will be a lean towards handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces to create this personal, unique quality in our homes.

Textured Walls

Dustin Reynolds, Design by Jeremiah Brent


As we spend more and more time indoors, textured and tactile walls will reign over flat and painted ones. Treatments like Venetian Plaster, grasscloth wall coverings, and wood paneling add a dimension to the indoors, giving an organic yet refined quality of movement.  

Blending Comfort with Traditionalism

Ginny Macdonald Furniture Collection


Think of the rustic charm of Hudson Valley, with its arts and crafts boutique finds, or grandmillenial pieces like decorative needlepoint pillows and slipcovered sofas. Whether used as a statement piece or designing the look of a whole room, these nostalgia-inducing accents are fun and welcoming, with a story all their own.


Sharyn Rug

$1,719 - $6,925

Zora Floor Lamp


The Home Office

Anissa Zajac, House Seven Design


It’s no surprise that this year, the home office became one of the most sought after spaces to design.  A sturdy desk, comfortable chair, and well-placed windows are just the beginnings of functional and productive office space. Even shared spaces and multi-functional rooms are getting spruced up with the WFH treatment as we enter 2021.


Kira Desk


Zora Floor Lamp


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