Barrett Prendergast on Motherhood, Business Ownership, and Self Care



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You own and operate Valleybrink Road. Tell us a little bit about that.

Valleybrink Road is a luxury gifting and floral design studio. We offer daily flower and gift delivery all over Los Angeles and ship gifts nationwide. In addition to our curated offerings, we work with clients to create custom gifts, floral installations, and beautiful floral tablescapes for events.

On top of owning your own business, you’re also a mother of two little ones. What has been your biggest challenge in running a business and being a mother and how have you dealt with those challenges?

The biggest challenge for me has been turning off my “work mode” and transitioning into “mom mode”. When it is your own business, there is always something to do and sometimes that can feel all consuming. I have really tried to work a lot on being present when I am having my time with the kids. Quieting that part of my mind that is worrying about work and being in the moment with them. It definitely doesn’t come easy to me and is a constant practice I work at.

What are some words of wisdom you’d give to a mother who is trying to start her own business and be an attentive mother all at the same time?

You can do both, just try not to be too hard on yourself. More positive thoughts, and less negative ones. If having a business is something you want for yourself, you should be able to have that and also be a great mother. You are setting a beautiful example for your child of what it looks like to pursue a dream and take a chance on yourself, and that is a good thing!

Everyone needs self care. What are your favorite ways to wind down and relax after a chaotic day?

Cold glass of wine. A yummy homecooked meal. A warm bath with a face mask. A few chapters of whatever book I am reading.

Your Instagram feed is full of beautiful food and florals but at the same time it is so full of real life moments that so many can relate to and go to for inspiration. What inspires you on a daily basis, on and off social media?  

Getting outside. We are so lucky to live in Los Angeles and have the ocean, the mountains, and the desert right at our fingertips. I love picnics in the park, hikes in the hills, and exploring new restaurants with the family. Even just getting outside to walk around our neighborhood helps clear my head and spark new ideas.

You have so many great recipes on your website. What are a few of your favorites that make for an easy, weeknight meal?

Here are some of my favorites!

Herby Turkey Meatballs

Spaghetti with Broccoli Pesto

Summery Chicken and Rice Soup

Having a home that inspires and gets us excited to go home to each night is so important. What are a few things you love about your home?

I love that we have an open kitchen that you can see from the living room. I can cook while watching the kids playing on the floor with their toys or roughhousing on the couch. I also love having fresh flowers around and always have some palo santo incense burning.

Your flower arrangements are gorgeous. What are a few tips you’d give to someone trying to create a simplistic arrangement at home but one that still feels special?

Spend a little more on getting some really beautiful blooms and stick to a monochromatic color palette. Maybe mixing poppies and ranunculus or going for one large bunch of a big flower like a peony. I like flowers to look effortless around the house, almost as if they were just picked out of a garden or flower field. Nothing too manicured or “arranged”.

What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

Chocolate. All the chocolate.

What is next for you and your business?

We are in the process of rebranding Valleybrink Road and launching an updated website for that (which I am so excited about!) and we are also in the process of launching a blog so we can share more of our recipes, travel, lifestyle, and parenting. So many exciting things to come in the next few months!


"You can do both, just try not to be too hard on yourself. More positive thoughts, and less negative ones. If having a business is something you want for yourself, you should be able to have that and also be a great mother." 

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