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We're glad you're here! It is our belief that your home should be a place of solace, peace, and inspiration. In these trying times, more than ever, we hope your home’s beauty can provide light and moments of happiness. We will continue to post beautiful images and inspiring content in the coming months in hopes that it will be a source of brightness. We hope to connect with you here and on our social channels to share our love of home together

Is your WFH space working for you still? A lot of us were content to make do with a cobbled together workspace when we thought it would be “just a few days”. Now that we’re settling in for a longer haul, it’s time to really reflect and refine your space. Whether that means working on your physical space, structuring your routine, or working on your self care, here are some tips to cultivate a happy and productive working environment.

The space

Make your space work for YOU. Near a window? Add a plant or collect a sprig of greenery on your next walk. Sick of staring at a blank wall? Make some art, or move something from another area of the house. Too much clutter? Grab a cute ceramic mug to corral your pens or add a tray to keep things collected. In my opinion, it’s ideal to have one “dedicated” WFH area, but if you can, move around a lot during the day when you start to lose focus or feel stagnant.


No desk, no problem! Work from the dining room table, the kitchen counter, or even out on the patio.

 Not into the whole “desk” thing? A cozy chair can work just fine. If you can, make sure to set up near a window for extra benefits.

The structure

Make sure to keep up a routine. Get dressed in the morning-even if you aren’t putting on an outfit you’d leave the house in, change out of your pajamas and into other comfy clothes. Make your bed! This might seem obvious but it sets the tone for a productive day. Have a shower, take a walk or do a meditation exercise to signal the start of your day.

 Make your bed! This might seem obvious, but it can act as a transition from the morning to the workday. It also sets the tone for a very productive start.


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Staying on a consistent schedule during the workday can be beneficial as well. Have consistent meals, break for a midday workout or light walk, and uphold boundaries regarding start and stop times for work. Stay social during the work day! Reach out to a coworker, send a positive note to a friend, and check in on family.

 Remember to take breaks and schedule meals at your usual times. Staying social during the workday can provide huge benefits as well.

The mindset

Stay positive. This is a great time to incorporate a meditation practice, start journaling, or pick up any of the practices we’ve all been told are beneficial but have been too busy to start up. Replace your commute with a mindset practice if you feel so inclined. Watch three movies in a row if that’s what you need right now. Take a walk and get some exercise if you want. Do what makes you feel happy.

 Do what makes you feel happy, whether that's taking a bath, watching a movie, or getting some exercise.  

Remember to treat yourself. Light a candle during the day, add a few drops of essential oil into your laundry, or do a facemask between zoom chats. Watch the whole season of Tiger King in one sitting. Cut up fruit and add to water to make your space feel more spa like or jam to loud music or a podcast to get you through the day. Set aside time to do a few deep breaths and stretch at your space without having to fend off weird looks from your coworkers. Bake up a storm. Dance it out. (Here's a playlist to jam to)

 Don’t forget to treat yourself with your favorite things. In times like these, it’s the little things that count.  


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