What 4 Tastemakers are Loving this Season

Figuring out how to curate your home and shopping for loved ones are two of the biggest highlights, and stress factors, during the holidays. We connected with a couple of good friends—fashion designer Rachel Pally, ceramicist Virginia Sin, interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel, and interior designer Ginny Macdonald—for their tastemaker styling and shopping tips. From Ginny's traditionalist holiday decor that adds in glass and wooden heirloom accents to Virginia's maximalist approach to celebrating at home this year to Rachel's mixing and matching of rich color with inviting neutrals to Sarah's layering in of a bit of drama and handcrafted style, they share their vision of how to best style these pieces this festive season. Read on to see the products they love having in their own homes, a few more final touches they are eyeing, and discover what pieces fit your aesthetic best.

Rachel Pally

Safari Sunset Wreath

"I love this wreath. It is both festive and organic and would look gorgeous on my persimmon-colored front door!"

House No. 23 Sima Towel

"Even though we won't have many guests this holiday season other than our closest family, it is so nice to have a beautiful hand towel in our powder room".

Ozu Ceramic Espresso Cup, Salt (Set of 2)

"Espresso just tastes better in a special mug! I love the shape of the handle and the perfect speckle. Perfect for sipping affogato with dessert!"

Larder Crock No. 10, Terracotta

"My boys and I like to make tortillas and this is a perfect vessel to keep them steamy and warm! Plus its just the most gorgeous color!"

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Sarah Sherman Samuel

Wood Garland, Beechwood

"I love the wood garland as it would look beautiful draped on a tree but looks just as beautiful styled on a coffee table year round.

Sin Du Candlestick, Black

"These candleholders are sculptural as well as functional and are the perfect thing to add a little drama to a tables cape or fireplace mantel

Farmhouse Pottery Crafted Woodland Ornament, Gift Set of 3

"Every year I try to add a few handmade ornaments to our collection so it isn’t too catchy matchy and look collected overtime. I love this set of wood trees, each one being handmade and slightly different".

Sheldon Ceramics Spice Jars, Eggshell

"I’ll keep this ceramic cutie next to our stove stocked with sea salt for all the holiday cooking"

Classic Rectangle Footed Board

"With a modern house it is important for me to fill the space with more rustic, storied, handmade pieces to bring it to life. The serving board ticks all those boxes.

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Virginia Sin

"I love entertaining for the holidays but unfortunately due to COVID I won't be able to travel and spend time with my family this year. But the upside is that my husband and I can throw our own 2 person festivities right here at home. Since we will actually be home for the holidays this year, it definitely warrants a Christmas tree and maximum festivities!"

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Ginny Macdonald

"I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to the holidays. I don't necessarily swap out my pillows and throws but when it comes to decorating my christmas tree, I have a love for the obvious red and green. I also look out for heirloom pieces that will last a lifetime, like glass and wooden. There's something special about having a hand carved ornament or bauble (as we call it in the UK). I also welcome the colder nights (which we don't get many of in LA) and like to hunker down in the evenings on the sofa with my dogs. I don't like bright, artificial lighting so the holidays are the perfect time to bring out the candles. I personally like to corral different sizes as well as materials for the candlesticks but keep the wax candles themselves in the same family"

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