Eureka Haney’s Bright, Layered Home

Eureka Haney started My Cozy Corner simply as a way to explore her love for design and redecorating. Since then, she’s built up a following inspired by not only her feed, but also of her openness in finding a balance between family time, studying, DIY projects, discussing her latest finds, and launching her own shop. We recently got to (virtually) visit and chat with Eureka and get a tour of her home, which she shares with her husband and four little ones. Haney’s home beautifully mixes styles, layering on texture, wood finishes, and neutral colors, for a look all its own. Read on for her approach to styling a space, and timely advice to, well, take your time.

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You live in Texas with your husband and four children and are currently updating your home. Tell us about that!

We are California natives so it’s been an adjustment, but we’ve made it home. Updating our home slowly instead of one large renovation has been fun and we’ve found that it works better for us.

It can be so overwhelming to start on a project, especially when it is a whole house you are wanting to update. What are a few of your tried and true tips on updating a space and enjoying the process?

I would have to say concentrate on one room at a time. If you think about the entire house it can become overwhelming. It’s going to take time, but it will be so worth it in the end.

Your home is very cozy! How do you achieve the balance of creating a put-together look while still making it feel warm and cozy?

A well-decorated home doesn’t have to be uncomfortable with furniture pieces that look great but aren’t very inviting to lounge on. I’m attracted to pieces that have both style and comfort. That’s my main focus when I’m decorating a space.

This year has definitely taught us all to slow down more and enjoy our homes. What are a few positive things that you are loving about all of this time at home?

I am loving that I can finish a lot of projects that I didn’t have time for before. I have to add family time, my busy schedule didn’t allow us to do that before so I can really appreciate it now.

Besides updating your home, what do you love to do in your free time?

In my free time, I love to read and spend time outdoors. Shopping is also one of my favorites.

Have you ever had a project that wasn’t coming out the way you expected or wanted? How’d you deal with that?

There were a lot of DIY’s that ended up not going as planned. I find that I usually need to take a couple of days off to regroup and pinpoint exactly where I want the project to go. That usually means going back to the design board to modify my idea and starting over.

What are three accessories in a living space that you think are the most important to creating a cozy vibe and why?

I would have to say a comfy sofa, a throw, and a footrest for lounging of course!

What’s next for you and your home?!

The outside of the house needs a little love so we’re gearing up to redoing that in the Spring of 2021 which is a little ways off, but we’re excited about it.

Photography provided by Eureka Haney