Desert Style Guide with The Joshua Tree House

If you are seeking a bit of reflection and reset, there is something so alluring about the desert. Designers Sara and Rich Combs understand and first felt that pull when they discovered the perfect hacienda in the Mojave Desert—initially as a personal retreat, now as their full-time home. The husband and wife team have since created The Joshua Tree House for those in search of open landscapes and gorgeously-curated homes. We were ecstatic then as Sara and Rich were gracious enough to share about a recent bedroom suite refresh at their JTH Tucson inn. Read on for their desert styling guide, from highlighting standout features, striking a balance between eye-catching patterns and terrene colors, and layering in touches celebrating the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Get the Look

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Emphasize Your Room's Best Features

This bedroom suite at our JTH Tucson location already had such beautiful features like the saguaro rib ceilings and the beehive fireplace, so our goal was to simplify the room to highlight those features (and the endless views of saguaro cacti right outside). A bright yet neutral space makes us feel at ease, which is exactly how we wanted to feel in this bedroom.

Balance Unique Pattern with Tonal Hues

We love geometric patterns and designs on rugs, so the dynamic pattern on the Evet Rug was one we naturally gravitated towards. Its soft and neutral color palette was also exactly what we were looking for in this bedroom—the warm earthy tones are incredibly soothing and inviting.

Make It Personal

The landscape in the national park is absolutely surreal—so, we constantly pull inspiration from the colors and natural textures we find outside in the desert. It's important to strike a balance though, and we look to layer in new pieces with personal touches. We love vintage finds because those pieces hold stories that help create a unique space, one that’s not afraid to be lived in.

Find, and Design Around, What Inspires You

A bedroom should support restful sleep as well as your morning and evening rituals. We generally start by thinking through the experiences we’d like to have in a particular space and then design around them. For example, in this bedroom, we’d like to be able to get a restful night's sleep, read in bed, and enjoy a fire in the fireplace (nothing too complicated!).

So, we made a comfortable mattress, pillows, and bedding a top priority. It sounds simple but makes such a huge difference and is one of the things we get the most comments on from our guests. For bedside sconces, sit on the bed and hang the sconce about shoulder height for optimal reading light. Finally, one of our favorite parts of designing a bedroom is collecting old books from vintage shops and thrift stores and stacking them up on the nightstands, ready to go. Some personal favorites are old plant guides and animal guides to learn about the surrounding landscape.

As for Visiting The Joshua Tree House

We host guests year-round both at our Joshua Tree, CA locations—The House and The Casita—near Joshua Tree National Park and our small inn in Tucson, AZ bordering Saguaro National Park. You can see all of our spaces and more information on booking them at thejoshuatreehouse.com.

Photography provided by The Joshua Tree House