Styling Series: The Sarah Sherman Samuel Collection

Kelley here, Lulu and Georgia’s resident stylist and I’m back with another Styling Series. We’re revisiting our Sarah Sherman Samuel Collection and I’m walking you through all the thoughts and ideas behind the styling of one of my favorite shoots. All the rooms and looks are designed to look casual and relaxed, yet still thoughtful and curated, just like Sarah’s collection. Let’s dig in!

Moroccan Flatweave, Ochre

We really wanted to commit to color in the dining room to highlight the gorgeous, saturated color of this Moroccan Flatweave. The key to a monochromatic design is making sure to incorporate different textures and finishes within the range of colors selected. Here, the range of ochres, camels, and caramel tones are in woven, wooden and leather materials-creating a simplified palette while adding in lots of personality. I love a good pop of black for contrast, and I’m especially fond of the addition of our gold rising artwork to bring together all the colors in one unifying piece.

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Arches, Rust

We really wanted to make a bold statement in this living room. The daring pop of color works really well here due to the subdued, yet still textured, tones of the rest of the room. The soft curves of the rug play well with the boxy lines of our Aprilette Coffee Table and Hannah Sideboard, and lend a slight 70s feel to the overall look.

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Arches, Natural

I love how soft the Arches rug is underfoot-it’s really the perfect rug for a bedroom. The neutral texture stands up wonderfully to a nice hit of color-it’s really a very versatile piece! The mustard color and channel tufting on our Bailee Bed and soft undulations of the rug really anchor our 70s/art deco vibe.

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Moroccan Flatweave, Black + White

The Moroccan flatweave in black and white is probably the most versatile rug in the whole collection! Inspired by traditional Beni Ourain designs, Sarah hand drew sketch after sketch until arriving at this one. I think this rug pairs exceptionally well with rattan and wooden pieces, like our Isobelle Ottoman, and looks especially great paired with a little greenery, like this kentia palm.

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Iconic Stripe

My personal favorite rug in the collection, Iconic Stripe has just enough hint of color while still remaining technically neutral. I especially love it paired with our isobelle ottomans - I like the how the repetition of stripes on the stool reflects those on the rug. The Josline Sconce is the perfect hit of contrast in this otherwise neutral scene, keeping everything from looking too washed out, and picking up the small hints of black from the rug.

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Stripe Break

Now that’s how you make an entrance! This entry is all about texture and repetition. The stripes from our Stripe Break Rug are echoed in the rattan weaving on our Sian Sideboard, as well as on our Khala Lamp. Repetition of design elements like this create a sense of unity and cohesiveness and help a space really feel put together.

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This was an exceptionally fun shoot to style, but it’s been so great to see how you’ve been styling your Sarah Sherman Samuel pieces! Here are some of our favorites!