Festive Inspo from our Favorite Tastemakers

Celebrating the holidays entirely from home this year has made us all go searching for inspiration and reimagining all the ways to style our space. We were thrilled to be able to recruit a number of our friends and favorite tastemakers for inspiration to help your celebrations flourish this festive season. They shared their own beautifully-curated and holiday-ready homes with us, so read on for tips about adding lush greenery, grounding your spaces with natural and neutral colors, and featuring traditional decorations.

Center Your Greenery

Holiday entertaining will have a distinctly unique feel this season, whether you decide to have a much smaller, intimate gathering or host a get-together outside in your garden or on your terrace. No matter the setting, we love the idea of incorporating natural elements, like these live wreaths and garlands. Influencer Janelle Marie Lloyd complements her vibrant wreath with subtly tinted glasses and olive Cultiver Linen Napkins. Fashion and lifestyle blogger Kayla Seah pairs her garland with a blood orange and cinnamon filled decorative bowl for a fragrant centerpiece. Similarly, if you do decide to set your table outside as design blogger Sophie Carpenter has, a garland serves as a dynamic focal point.

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Inviting Neutrals

To contrast the verdant greenery on display throughout your home, we suggest using warm neutral tones and raw, natural materials that offer an abundance of texture. Samantha Wennerstrom, writer and founder of the Could I Have That blog, expertly mixes a live garland, linen tablecloth, and handcrafted ceramics. This Dalylah Textile Wall Art brings added dimension to the wall above a wooden console table in Kayla Seah’s entryway. So does this texture-rich accent chair beside blogger and interior design stylist Ashley Kane’s stunning Christmas tree. Our recent home tour with Anastasia Casey showcases both the versatile Bungalow Rug and cozy Sloane Pillow.

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Traditional Must-Haves

With our celebrations a bit more intimate these holidays, we are championing the idea of paring down our decorations to the essentials, and focusing on traditional styles. We’ve talked about how freshly-cut pieces like the Olive Branch Garland provide an aromatic and lively touch to your space. The same goes for the wreath adorning the wall of writer and curator Chloe MacKintosh’s beautiful farmhouse. That greenery is a classic feature of traditional festive decor, much like the white stocking hanging in interior designer and author Caitlin Flemming’s stunning rustic home. Interior designer and content creator Chrissy Hunter contrasts the striking green of her stockings with lighter wood finishes and the pinstripe patterned Vyloet Accent Chair.

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