Taylor Sterling Wallpaper Collection

If you've been following Lulu and Georgia for a while, you know about the famous Elodie Rug by Glitter Guide. Named for Taylor Sterling's (the Founder and Creative Director of Glitter Guide) daughter, the rug was an instant success. Almost three years later, we knew it was time to team up again - this time for wallpaper. Taylor wanted a collection that represented her evolving style. She gathered inspiration from vintage textiles and patterns to bring her vision to life. Shop the collection below and see Taylor's inspiration.

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I really wanted the collection to reflect my personal style. The moodboard (above) was a jumping off point and from there we honed in the color palette and patterns.

This collection was inspired by my love of Art Deco design. I am constantly inspired by vintage textiles and accessories and I wanted to bring that to life with wallpaper.

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Photos by Jazmin Estopin