Care Instructions

You have just bought your new rug, you’re loving it, and you want it to stay like this for as long as possible!

Just as you take care of your clothing and handbags, proper maintenance will keep your rug looking like new for years to come.

Unpacking: Once you unpack your rug, it needs to “air out.” It may have wrinkles or bulges from being wrapped tightly. Simply lay the rug flat and the wrinkles will disappear in a few days.

Vacuuming: Regular vacuuming is a good thing. A suction-type vacuum is best. Make sure that if you are using an upright vacuum that the beater bar setting is turned off.

Cleaning: BLOT, DON’T RUB! This is the mantra when dealing with any textile material. Should you spill something on your rug, try to blot up the excess moisture with a clean white towel or a white paper towel. Once you have blotted up the excess moisture, blot some more, this time using a very slightly moist white towel or white paper towel. This will help dilute the spot. Then go back and use a dry towel to blot up the excess moisture once again. Repeat this entire process as many times as needed until the stain is removed. KEEP BLOTTING!

Occasionally you may need to have your rug cleaned by a professional. Make sure your rug cleaning professional knows the construction of your rug and its fiber content.