How To Measure

At Lulu & Georgia, we believe rugs ground us. They define our space, add warmth and beauty, and feel good under our feet. Taking the time to measure your space will ensure that your rug is scaled correctly to your room.

Sometimes it is hard to visualize the perfect sized rug for your space. Don’t worry- we’ll make it easy for you…

The first step is to measure the space your rug will be covering using a tape measure. One trick is to lay out newspaper on your floor in the area that you are considering covering. This will give your eye a visual reference point and help you figure out the proper size. Also, make sure you consider doors and vents when measuring- you want to make sure your door can open and close over the rug.

Here are some other quick tips to help:

Living Rooms and Family Rooms

“Should my furniture be on or off the rug?"

We like the furniture to be as much on the rug as possible, as the rug creates an intimate conversation space.

 However, if this is not possible, then make sure the rug at least spans the distance of the main couch or seating area.

TIP: We like to avoid putting a small rug in a large room because it can make the rug resemble a postage stamp.


 Dining Room

When purchasing a rug for under a dining room table, make sure to first measure the table's length and width, then add 54 inches to each measurement. This will allow at least 27 inches for the chairs to pull out and not catch on the rug.


When we wake up in the morning, we like to rest our feet on a rug.

One option in the bedroom is to configure the rugs in a traditional “Bedside” rug layout. This features two rugs on either side of the bed and one rug at the foot of the bed. If you have two beds in the room, consider placing one rug between them.


Another option is to put a larger rug under the entire bed. Just keep in mind- most of the rug will be covered.



Measure the size of the hallway and subtract 12 inches from the length and width. This will allow for a six inch border all around. If you have a long hallway, consider using two runners laid end to end.