When we saw the most recent work of Joyce, one of our favorite interior designers (and our first ever brand ambassador!) our jaws dropped. 
This gorgeous home in the Hollywood Hills is simply stunning. Read her interview below to see how she defines her style,
her advice for someone designing their home, and what Instagram accounts she loves to follow. Photos by Amy Bartlam




1. If you had to describe your style in 3 words, what would they be? 

Oh gosh I always dread this question! I'm not entirely sure I fit into one style! I think the mark of a good designer is melding all kinds of style and being able to work on any type of project.
But three words would have to be hip, modern and comfortable with a touch of old world sophistication. 
2. When designing a space, what elements must every room have? 

Texture is so important! Incorporate woven pieces, wood, knobby linen, or jute rug. Also balance. When designing a room I always make sure one side is balanced by the other.
For instance, if there is a black element (i.e. black side table) I make sure to balance the other side of the room with a black detail  (i.e black pillow on a sofa). 
3. If you could offer just one piece of advice to someone who is just starting out in their decorating process, what would it be? 

Create a design board! Keynote works great. Pull in all the furniture, rugs, pillows etc  you are thinking of purchasing onto a blank page and make sure they all go together. Here you can also play with balance. 
4. What are your favorite accounts to follow on Instagram for inspo? 

@jute_interior_Design, decus_interiors, @milieumag @jhinteriordesign - All these accounts feature beautifully sophisticated, unique work! 
5. What home decor trends are you loving this year? 

Dark and Moody! I really think the design world will soon be moving away from the white and light to the dark and moody! 



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