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Sense of Home

5 Makers. 5 Homes. 5 Senses.

What makes you feel the most at home? Is it the smell of your favorite meal, the feeling of freshly washed sheets, the sound of your favorite record playing? We experience our homes through all of the 5 senses, associating a particular memory or emotion with each. We’ve enlisted five our favorite creatives and makers to tell the story of their own homes, framed through the sense they relate to most.



Sarah Solis

Sarah Solis looks for moments to build memories that change her clients' day-to-day experiences. The interior designer discusses visually transforming her own Malibu home, bringing character and emotion to the space.

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Maurice Harris

Step into Maurice Harris' Los Angeles home, where scent is a main character. The florist, artist, and Bloom & Plume founder explores his love of scents to give you a sense of his home.

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Emilie Halpern

Ceramicist Emilie Halpern finds her practice to be grounding and meditative. Her mid-century home in Los Feliz is an extension of herself, with all of the tangible, tactile beauty she creates and collects, enabling it to become a sacred, safe space.

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Chase Cohl

Chase Cohl's Laurel Canyon home reflects her appreciation of the 60s and 70s aesthetics. The songwriter and recording artist delves into her creative process when writing and the importance of silence and routines.

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Hawa Hassan

The downtown Brooklyn home of chef, author, and Basbaas Foods founder Hawa Hassan beautifully marks her life's journey from Somali to New York City. While preparing a traditional bariis iskukaris dish, she recounts many places she has called home.

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