For some, a beautiful home is restorative, a serene escape, a refuge. For others, it's inspirational, a reflection of yourself or who you aspire to be. Beauty can change our outlook, shifting our perspective and broadening our view of the world. When I think of home, I think of that first sip of coffee in the morning, sitting at a dining table filled with friends, a half-read book on the nightstand, and getting into crisp, freshly washed sheets at night. I grew up in the design industry, and when I founded Lulu and Georgia a decade ago, I wanted to create a brand that provided a modern take on the idea of a beautiful home. My grandfather, Lou, opened a rug showroom in 1955 that offered quality, artisanal handmade products for interior designers. He was a pioneer in the burgeoning LA design scene with a passion for product and design. He and later my father, George, brought beauty to so many homes. Both serve as inspirations for our brand, from their names to their values. 

It's officially been a decade of Lulu and Georgia. I'd say the years flew by, and in some ways, they did, but it also feels like a lifetime ago that we were a small start-up operating out of a tiny office in Los Angeles. Lulu and Georgia has been a labor of love since the beginning and remains so today. Our team has grown and now operates across the country, but our mission—bringing beauty home—remains clear.

This is a visual diary of some of our favorite work from the last decade. We aim not only to design and curate the best in home decor but also to inspire our customers with beautiful editorials to help you create your dream home. It's been an absolute joy seeing our pieces become part of the fabric of your everyday lives. We cannot wait to see what the next ten years hold.

CEO / Founder, Lulu and Georgia 


A living room is much more than a spot to watch TV—although a cozy spot to binge-watch your favorite shows is supremely important. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then we think the living room is the soul. Coffee in your favorite chair, rainy day blanket forts, game night crowded around the coffee table, dinner parties that turn into dance parties, movie marathons curled up on the sofa, and the occasional make-shift office. The living room is where life happens at home.


We all know that feeling when we've been away from home and come back to our own bed. A well-curated bedroom can serve as a sanctuary, a serene space to reset and do a little self-care. Over the last 10 years, we've designed dozens of bedrooms for editorials, and we always focus most on texture. The linens, the rug, the headboard—all of them—change how the space looks and, most importantly, how it feels.


Whether you're a regular in the kitchen or on DoorDash, gathering at the dining table for a meal is really special, isn't it? Solo or sitting down for a dinner party, the act of pausing and taking a moment for mealtime is an act of self-care. The dining room is really a place to practice ambiance. Keep the lights dim, light some candles, put on a favorite album, and invest in dishware and glassware that you love to make your daily rituals that much more sacred.


They say you're only as good as the company you keep; lucky for us, we have a star-studded guest list. Our collaborations with talented designers, artists, and tastemakers have served as a cornerstone of the Lulu and Georgia brand. We could not be more thankful or proud of our amazing partnerships over the last 10 years. Collaborating and creating beauty with people we admire has been one of the most rewarding parts of our journey.

A well-curated vignette with collected decor, favorite books, fresh florals, and a family photograph—adds personality to your home. Look for unexpected moments in your home to bring life to. A lively entryway, a cozy reading nook, or a bar corner in the living room are the little details that turn a house into a home.