Virginia Sin understands that our homes are sacred spaces in our lives, providing comfort, peace of mind, and sanctuary. The mission of SIN, her Brooklyn-based studio, is to create beautifully hand-built ceramic works that bring warmth and happiness to your space. They're committed to "meticulously hand-building, and crafting American-made home goods that make you feel good," and that's why we were so excited to sit down with the multidisciplinary designer for our latest artisan feature. We had the chance to discuss her journey to finding her voice as a designer and the thought process behind the studio's mission. With the holidays upon us, we also chatted with Virginia about transitioning your home for the season, her approach to decorating her own space, and why she believes you can still be super festive without going overboard. Read on for more of our feature and shop our entire selection of SIN styles here.

Two coiled taper candle holders holding recently extinguished tapered candles sit against a rough neutral-colored fabric background.

We've been long-time admirers and retail partners of SIN, so it's lovely to sit with you again, Virginia. Could you talk about how you came to find your voice as a multidisciplinary designer? 

Thank you for having me! Lovely to speak with you as well! And, great question. Finding my voice as a multidisciplinary designer has definitely been a journey and will always continue to evolve. Fundamentally, it stems from working on myself a lot and developing self-awareness. A lot of answers are already there in plain sight when you dare to ask the right questions. I find design to be a wonderful tool to reflect on my current state of mind and where I want to go next in my life.

We love that you state in your About Us that "We make comfort. We make reasons to go home." For you and your team, where does that connection between handmade and home come from? 

At SIN, we value the home as a sacred space in all our lives. Our company's mission is to create warmth and happiness in homes across the world, and what better way to do that than to fill it with handmade products that embody the same kind of warmth and happiness. Everything made at SIN is handmade, which intricately requires so much time, care, and attention. The process of hand building ceramic works is not for the faint of heart. My hope is that our products can bring that same spirit to your home.

Does your personal style differ from your design aesthetic for SIN? 

No, haha, not at all. My personal style, I would say, is my brand aesthetic. 

'Tis the season! What are your three tips for transitioning and styling your home for the holidays? 

Tip 1: You can never go wrong with too many candles. I like to have one going in every room of my apartment. 

Tip 2: Similar to switching out my seasonal wardrobe: time for me to store away the lightweight throws and pull out my alpaca and wool blanket collection. I love to display them in the large size of this SIN ceramic coil basket, nestled next to my sofa. A woven basket will work as well. 

Tip 3: I love fall foliage, so I will typically change my dry flower arrangement to reflect an autumnal color palette.





The SIN Duo Candlestick holder holds two lit tapered candles atop a holiday dining table, surrounded by green garland and a glass cloche on a red checked tablecloth. A black SIN Duo Candlestick Holder has two lit red tapered candles on an oval marble, iron and wood coffee table in front of an ivory linen sofa in this holiday living room.

How do you approach designing holiday decor? Your pieces are made to last, so is there any friction with creating seasonal decor? 

My approach to designing holiday decor is with the same mindset as any other product category I would design for. How do I create something fun and whimsical yet functional? The form needs to feel unique and original to the eye. I tend to get sick of color very quickly and therefore like to focus on the sculptural elements of the piece.

Similarly, how do you feel that design shines through on the pieces you designed for the holidays this year? 

My hope was to create something timeless so new traditions could be made.

Any holiday decor trends you're loving this season? 

When it comes to holiday decor, I think it's easy to go overboard. I am a firm believer in being able to channel your festive spirit while showing some restraint. For example, I love composing a well-balanced tree. I will probably stick to neutrals with lots of textures to play up that perfect balance.

A modern, low black Menorah holds white lit tapered candles atop a red brick fireplace with neutral stone mantel.

What is a holiday tradition you're excited to celebrate this upcoming holiday season? 

Picking out the perfect tree that will fit our 650-sq-ft apartment is always a fun challenge. My husband's side of the family is Italian, so I look forward to the customary Feast of the 7 fishes on Christmas Eve :) 

How do your surroundings influence the pieces you make? How has your Greenpoint neighborhood impacted your work?

We've moved from Greenpoint to the Brooklyn Navy Yard this past summer. It is a historical shipyard and an active industrial site, home to many Brooklyn-based manufacturing businesses. I love the energy generated there and being amongst other small businesses that contribute to our local economy.

Tell us what's next for you and SIN Ceramics? 

I'm currently pregnant, so naturally, I have baby on the brain. A lot of my new product development and design inspiration stems from my own personal needs and not finding them in the marketplace. I wouldn't be too surprised if I came out with a nursery collection in future seasons. Currently, at SIN, we are working on a new hook and hardware collection, plus a new lighting collection :) 













Photography provided by Virginia Sin, Lulu and Georgia