Chriselle Lim is an inspiration, known for the visually stunning and incredibly relatable digital content she has created for over a decade. Starting with the launch of her YouTube channel and blog, The Chriselle Factor, the stylist and tastemaker has been an expert people turn to for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle advice. The mother of two has recently expanded on her entrepreneurial ventures by co-founding Bümo, a platform that combines co-working space with licensed educational childcare. We were excited to work with Chriselle on curating her new South Bay area home and get a chance to tour her bedroom. Her signature style—self-described as sophisticated and minimal, with an edge—extends to her at-home decor. Warm, color-washed walls are complemented by neutral-hued furniture and then contrasted with black-finished accents, creating this luxe but incredibly serene space. After our tour, we quickly chatted with Chriselle to discuss the importance of creating a calming space and more on her being at the forefront of the fashion influencer explosion. Read on for more, including a bit of styling advice.


Chriselle Lim's bedroom has a white upholstered bedframe, white bedding, two matching iron and marble rounded nightstands, an iron bench and a modern linear chandelier. At the foot of Chriselle Lim's bed sits a woven tray with a candle and fragrance. The bed has white linens and a rounded marble and iron nightstand with a white lamp and two bottles.



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You started The Chriselle Factor as a creative outlet while working as a fashion stylist, right? When did you decide digital content creation was something you wanted to pursue professionally?

I started The Chriselle Factor when I was actually in college. It was initially called The Elle Factor. I was pursuing styling while in college, all while starting my blog. When I started my blog over 10 years ago, there was no such thing as "pursuing it professionally," it was simply just a creative outlet. I had the blog and YouTube channel for about 3 years before I got offered my first paid opportunity, and that was when I realized that I could possibly make it into a part-time career to help me pay for some bills. Little did I know that the digital industry would turn into this. It was really about 3 years in when I started taking it seriously! 

Similarly, you were at the forefront of the fashion video world when you started your YouTube channel. Did you have a sense of how massive that industry would get?

I had no idea. Similar to blogging, I was doing it for fun and as a creative outlet. One thing led to another, and eventually, my YouTube really started to take off, and I was one of the only creators posting about fashion at the time, and it got a lot of attention back then. It was just the beginning of this explosive era of digital media. 

Chriselle Lim's bedroom includes the upholstered Lockwood Bed, marble and iron rounded Kayleigh Nightstand, and Arteriors Barbana Bench with iron frame and upholstered seat.

A black desk chair sits at a marble-topped desk in Chriselle Lim's bedroom. Next to the desk is the light wood Hannah Dresser featuring cane paneled doors.

How would you describe your at-home decor style, and does that differ from your personal aesthetic? 

I actually think my at-home decor and personal aesthetic are quite similar. Minimal and sophisticated but with a bit of an edge. I like mixing softness with bolder pieces. I love neutrals and monochrome outfits but also like to spice things up with a statement shoe or heels. Like my home style, I like to have a statement piece that really is the focal point, but the overall mood and vibe are serene and peaceful. 

We love your new South Bay area home. Tell us what inspired your space's look. 

I wanted a place where I could exhale at the end of the day, feel so relaxed, and mix it in with a bit of luxe. I love the elevated hotel aesthetic, so mixing that in with the serenity of the space was important to me. Luxe but serene. 

Happy Holidays! What is one festive tradition you're looking forward to the most this year? 

We are going to take my girls to see the snow! It will be their first year skiing, and I hope we can keep this tradition going!!  

New Year's Eve celebrations are just around the corner, and we love turning to you for a bit of inspo. What is your favorite tip for entertaining as we all begin to prepare for the festivities?

I love bringing out the glitz and the glam. Even if you don't have any fancy plans for NYE—it's an excuse to wear your shiny and sparkly dress!! I think people get really excited by the little things, so whether it is having a cute bar cart with some of your favorite drinks or hors d'oeuvres served on a cute plate, it's all about the little details! 

You've layered in a few Lulu and Georgia pieces into your space. Is there one you still find yourself fawning over?

My absolute favorite pieces are my ceiling light and my bed. The Josline ceiling light is definitely the focal point of the room. It is so bold and makes such a big statement. It adds a bit of modernity to such a serene room. The Lockwood Bed is one of those pieces you see in your dreams—it's plushy and looks and feels like a cloud. It's such a luxurious piece in the room and elevates everything. 

Tell us about your favorite pieces in your bedroom—including maybe a couple of tips for people wanting to recreate your look?

My favorite pieces are my bed and my side tables and light. My #1 tip is to look for things that you love individually, don't be so obsessed with trying to stick with a "theme." After you pick the pieces you love, you will see how you can tie all of them together. For me, it was all the accent pieces that ended up being my bolder and darker pieces. I would also say it's important to commit to one statement piece and kind of build around it. That was my bed for me! 

Bedrooms are one of the most complex spaces to keep minimal and modern yet still be functional. How did you manage to strike that balance? 

Functionality is so important to me. My room isn't huge, so I needed to make sure everything in my bedroom served a purpose. I made sure all of my shelving or nightstands had multiple layers so I could use them as storage space as well. Finding minimal pieces with a smart design—which Lulu and Georgia has a lot of great pieces—is key. 

What is next for you, The Chriselle Factor, and your latest venture, Bümo? 

We are expanding Bümo into multiple locations, essentially bringing childcare to working parents. So parents can continue to work and thrive in their career even after they have kids. Our first location is in the Westfield Century City shopping center, but we are opening up many more next year! 

A large square framed floor mirror leans against a wall. Next to the mirror is a small white upholstered ottoman with dark wood detailing and a small round wooden accent table.
Chriselle Lim's bedroom is peaceful and tranquil, with a lit candle sitting atop a dresser. Across the room is the white upholstered bedframe and white bed linens.
Photography provided by Chriselle Lim