When we entered Jenni Kayne’s Lake Tahoe home we were immediately at ease. True to the designer’s ethos, her home was polished but unfussy - a place where her kids could get a little messy and the family’s two shaggy dogs could lounge around. Every detail in Jenni’s space is considered but nothing feels precious or off limits. Designed in her signature neutral color palette, Jenni’s rug collection uses natural materials like wool and hemp, for rugs that are refined yet durable. See more of Jenni’s home and read on for her tips on living well.

An entryway hallway has a tan and white offset stripe woven rug with a leather chair with wooden frame in the corner, a small wooden bench and a wooden storage cabinet.

You’re the founder of Jenni Kayne, a California Lifestyle brand. Tell us a little about how you got started.

I founded Jenni Kayne when I was 19 years old after attending Otis College of Art and Design, with the vision to create a fashion business that would eventually grow into a lifestyle brand. I was definitely young and naive, which was probably a blessing in disguise! It’s been a big journey, but I’m so proud of how we’ve grown and where we are now as a brand.

The Jenni Kayne mission is to inspire women to live well. What does living well mean to you?

Living well to me means being mindful of all of life’s details and making thoughtful choices for your family, home, and wardrobe. Living well can really mean so many different things to different women—by providing impactful content and offerings, we hope to inspire everyone to make this mission their own.

The Jenni Kayne aesthetic is curated and consistent. How did you translate that to your rug line?

I think everything in my life speaks the same language. I’m always inspired by nature and gravitate towards neutrals that are organic and timeless, while still feeling special. I think we achieved that sentiment with our collaboration styles. Each piece adds a layer of warmth and texture to the home, without being too much of a focal point or distraction.

"Living well to me means being mindful of all of life’s details and making thoughtful choices for your family, home, and wardrobe."
- Jenni Kayne
A woven leather chair with wooden frame sits in the corner of a room with a wooden bench with a woven rope seat. A small neutral rug sits in front of a clawfoot bathtub.
As a mom, how do you balance living well and running a business?
I really do believe you can do it all, but you need to have boundaries and balance in order to do it all happily. I’m incredibly lucky to have a really good team at home and a really good team at work that allows me to strike such a balance.

3 Styling Tips on ensuring your space has the Jenni Kanye touch?

Keep it neutral, less is more, and layer texture and organic materials.

What space do you see each rug in?

The beauty of this collection is that they can be mixed and matched and used in a variety of spaces, but I would suggest using the softer pieces in the bedroom or living room, and the more natural pieces for other areas of the house.

Dune Rug: Bedroom

Cabin Rug: Bedroom or living room

Farmhouse Rugs: As a standalone in your living room, or layered in the living room or bedroom. The smaller sizes work well in bathrooms or as doormats.

Bungalow Rug: Living room or hallway

A living room has a white slipcovered sofa, a petrified wood coffee table base with a glass top and two leather sling-back chairs with wooden frames.

Do you have a personal favorite rug from the collection?

The Dune Rug—it’s cozy and simple!

How would you describe your personal at home style?

Timeless, classic, organic, neutral, lived-in, textural, calming, and detail-orientated.

What were the most important factors in designing the rug collection?

The materials and textures were leading factors in each rug’s construction, as well as versatility—I wanted each piece to work in all different rooms with ease.

What is your ideal day at home?

Snuggling with my kids in bed, spending time outside in the garden with my family and our animals, and cooking a wholesome meal that brings us all together.