It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Madelynn Furlong Hudson, and have been following her since days at Target, and running her blog “Wide Eye Legless”. So when she asked us to work on her newest New York treasure, an apartment she shares with her recently married partner, Nick, we jumped at the chance. Her second property in Hudson, New York- this apartment features tons of vintage finds, original architectural details, and Madelynn’s signature effortless, modern style. Focusing on her living room, Madelynn featured pieces

Congratulations on your recent nuptials! Could you speak about the personal and professional journey you've been on since your move from Los Angeles to New York a little over a year ago?

For sure! It's been such an incredible year and a half since I made the move to NYC in February 2021. I met my now husband, we renovated two houses in upstate NY, raised a puppy, and got married this year! We joke that eventually our turbo mode will fade, but I don’t think either of us are convinced that it will haha.

You've mentioned previously that your interior design work was kick-started in part by someone walking through your LA apartment and asking if you ever considered it. Tell us a little about that path.

It was right before the pandemic, and I started posting a bit more about my own apartment in LA and my process of designing it, and then during the pandemic I had a few friends and followers reach out for help on their own space. I now have a small interior design studio and we balance 3-4 clients at a time. It’s been a really fun process, and a huge learning curve for me! But I love helping people make their dream spaces come true.

"I consistently have Lulu and Georgia pieces in my homes and designs. Currently I am obsessed with the curved sofas we have in our apartment, they create such a cool and elevated living / conversational space."

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The Hudson farmhouse you and Nick just acquired is gorgeous. What is your vision for this new space, and how would you describe your at-home decor style?

Thank you! We are really excited about this home and how the renovations have turned out. I would say my style is Minimal-Maximal. I play with loads of neutral colors but love patterns and layering textures to create a room that feels really elevated, cozy and anything but boring.

Does that style differ from your design aesthetic for MADÉ Interiors? How would you describe it?

I don’t think it does much, however I will say that I think I tend to take more risks personally when it comes to design, I love trying things out.

What is your creative process as you design ELSPA estate? And how does it differ from your new apartment or your past residences?

Honestly this might be the LA girl in me talking, but it differs home to home greatly! I like to design in a way that feels like I am putting the architecture of the house first and foremost. In some way, I believe houses are living and breathing, so if you pay attention, they will tell you how they want to be changed and designed.

You're styling a couple of Lulu and Georgia pieces. Is there one you have wanted to incorporate in one of your interiors?

So many! I consistently have Lulu and Georgia pieces in my homes and designs. Currently I am obsessed with the curved sofas we have in our apartment, they create such a cool and elevated living / conversational space.

What do you love most about living in NYC, and how does it differ from your other residence in Hudson?

We love going back and forth between upstate and the city. We both love the energy and career momentum the city has to offer, but often need the escape of the country. I have dreams of one day owning a home with land so I can keep chickens and horses- maybe another great dane!

For someone just getting started in this space, what is one piece of advice you would share with them?

Don’t take yourself too seriously, the interior world can be a very serious place, so have fun and make magic.

What's next for you and MADÉ Interiors?

Hopefully more residential work and I would love to do another restaurant or two! I'd also love to expand Elspa Estate into another property to host weddings or events, maybe even open a little wine bar in town- who knows!






Photos provided by Madelynn Furlong Hudson