"I'm an emotional designer. Everyone always says, 'You're an emo designer.' It's true, I totally am," designer Tiffany Howell joked when we sat down with her in her Los Angeles home. Tiffany's become well known for her moody, retro design aesthetic. Along with several A-list clients, she also designed the newly opening Gold Diggers hotel in L.A. When we showed up at her home in Silverlake to photograph her bedroom and chat about design, she explained that her background in production is what led her to interior design. Originally working in the music video world (for the likes of Justin Timberlake and Brittany Spears) she received what she referred to as her "creative education." Her friends always commented on how amazing her home looked and she started helping them out with their own homes. For the last couple years Tiffany commited full-time to interiors, growing her business Night Palm dramatically in that time. Shop Tiffany's bedroom makeover and watch the video below to see more about her design philosophy.