Everyone knows Chris Loves Julia as the ultimate couple who renovates and brings new life to spaces in their homes. We always love what Chris and Julia put together and this week, they revealed their new entryway completely styled out with Lulu and Georgia. Keep reading for Julia's tips on creating a "less is more" entry.

"With new neighbors and guests coming in all the time, and it being such a central location in our house that we pass through often, I thought there’s nothing like a good first impression," say Julia. "With every room in this house, I am really thinking about how can I bring less things into the space without sacrificing style or impact. I suppose that is really what less is more is all about. For the entry, I really wanted unique pieces with staying power." - Julia Marcum
The mid-century modern wooden Thadalynn Sideboard cabinet has a large gray ceramic vase holding branches. A tall rectangular mirror leans on top of it and reflects a wood and metal staircase.


1."A credenza that I couldn’t love more. This is the investment piece that I built the entire vibe of the entry around. It’s beautiful and big and well made. It has storage galore with 4 disguised doors and a unique vibe to it, right?–like, if this was the only part of my house that a person may see, they might think hey, this house is cool."

2. "Interesting wall sconces. When I’m designing a space, I usually have 2-3 options for Chris to look over and choose from, and although these sconces were my favorite (because how cool?!) I wasn’t sure if they were too out there for him. Imagine how proud I was when he said, “Well those are the coolest sconces I’ve ever seen!” And they really are. Bonus points: they were a cinch to install." 

3. "An oversized mirror. This choice came down to proportions again. The ceilings are massive, a normal-sized mirror would be dwarfed here. So I thought–what about a full-length mirror on TOP of the credenza. It plays to the height of the area, bounces light around, and serves as that last checkpoint before you leave the house. Every entry needs a mirror."

4. "A durable area rug. I know what you’re thinking–that rug is super light for an entry. I thought so initially, too. But! Our friends at Lulu & Georgia explained that this chunky woven rug was also Indoor/Outdoor and resistant to water making it perfect for an outdoor space, a dining room, or yeah, even the entry. Dreams coming true!"

5. "A candle. Scent is such a big part of making a house your own and I always want myself, our family and everyone else to be able to walk in and think, “it smells great in here!” This candle combines all of my favorites: wood and spice for a masculine fragrance with a hint of sweetness, featuring notes of sandalwood, tobacco, and leather–and it can fill the entire main area of our home. Such quality!"

Photography provided by Chris Loves Julia