This season, we want you to revel in all the comforts of home. That means layering in styles that offer warmth, comfort, and a sense of calm as your return to busy schedules after the summer holidays. It also means freshening up your households with a bit of color and getting them entertaining-ready as you start to slowly but surely, share your spaces with family and friends again. To get your home ready for this fall renewal, we wanted to share our list of four fundamental categories to update. Start with versatile furniture and rugs that serve as striking focal points, add touches of extra comfort with heavier, high-pile fabrics, saturate your space with tree plants and colorful florals, and then use home fragrances as aromatic finishing touches. Read on for more.

1. Start with Versatile Pieces

When shopping and curating for centerpiece styles, you should aim for year-round versatility. Opt for a sofa, rug, or bed in a warm neutral color palette that works all year long. With its streamlined poster bed design and whitewashed finish, the Keiry Canopy Bed seamlessly adapts to both cozy layers of bedding in colder months and lightweight covers during spring and summer. Similarly, when styling rugs in your space, choose pieces that complement different aesthetics—like the Bryn Jute Rug, with its earthy color, natural texture, and flatwoven design.  

2. Add layers of texture

With the changing seasons, it's time to start bringing in pieces that offer extra comfort to help you and your guests sit and stay awhile. We recommend adding a softer, more casual touch by layering richly textured fabrics and chunkier knit throws. Seating styles upholstered in leather or boucle, like the Breanne Leather Sofa or Tobi Accent Chair, welcome you into the space. Pair them with high-pile rugs or tactile accents, like our bestselling Aimee Mohair Throw, for a refined yet relaxed look.

3. Bring in Seasonal Florals

Fall is the perfect time to shift your color scheme from creamy neutrals and vibrant hues to more saturated colors. The simplest way to incorporate this richer palette is to update your greenery with lofty tree plants and dried botanicals. Tree houseplants make for great accents because their evergreen leaves bring lush color to your space. Dried botanicals allow you to experiment with different colors and arrangements. We love styling a sculptural accent like the Albayzin Vase with a branch or two to contrast its reactive glaze. Shop the rest of our vase and planter collections to discover the ideal vessel for your fall foliage.

4. Set the Mood

We love the idea of bringing in home fragrances as a final flourish this season. Especially in your bedroom and bathroom, we recommend incorporating candles and diffusers. Whether styled on your nightstand, dresser, or atop your sink countertop, pieces like the Norden Candle or Pala Incense Holder help create a calming, restorative space. Shop more from our line of candles and diffusers.